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Designer Kids Clothes Online

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Are you a fashionable parent? Do you love to see your kids dressed well? And do you always get complemented on your kids outfits? Then you should definitely share your fashion knowledge with many other parents!

There are many ways you can be of help, of course. Either in your community by helping friends – or turning it into a business. But let’s make sure we don’t get ahead too fast here because this is actually still about a passion. One of the most exciting things to do is help others for free – at first. For example, you could just let your community (your town, neighborehood, office etc.) know that you are a fashion adviser for kids! Then of course, once you have helped several parents and their kids become more fashionable and trendy, you can start charging money for it.

Or you could collect testimonials and start a fashion blog. Creating a website is really fast and easy nowadays – and if necessary you can always get a quick test professional expert. But usually, you can just sign up with any of the major free blogging websites (wordpress, blogspot, posterous) and then just start writing! Write about your fashion ideas, share pictures of your kids, tell others of exciting fashion stories where you helped a parent and their kids look gorgeous for a certain event. If your passion shines through, your readers will love it.

Another Great Idea:

Experiment with designer kids clothes outfits – and share your fashion ideas! Go to a kids clothing shop like Boden or Childrensalon and make up your own outfits.



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Free Gift at BodenUSA – Designer Kids Clothes

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

If you haven’t looked at the BodenUSA online shop, yet, then today is the best day to do so.

Not only offers BodenUSA a variety of super nice designer kids clothes, they also have a Free Gift Special Offer this month!

New customers receive a free gift at!

If you are interested in claiming your Free Gift, then all you have to do is:
1) Click the link above; 2) Click on the Special Offer Box, which is located in the top center on the Boden homepage.

Have fun!

===> IMPORTANT: The Offer Only Lasts Until March 31 2012!

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You May Get These Designer Kids Clothes For Free!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Boden USA has an extremely nice offer for this week.

But for this week only!

When you place an order, you may get your next order for free!

Need high quality clothes for your kids? Then shop at Boden USA this week, you might get a second order for free!

This Week Only! Place an order on for the chance to get your next order for free. Shop Now!

Just click the link above to access this week’s special offer!

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Cheap Jeans Dresses – Out Of Order Soon!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Jeans dresses seem to be very popular at the moment! So I have set out and looked at what is on the market at the moment. And I believe this is going to be some kind of secret niche in spring and summer of 2012. I think that because I really have not found that many quality jeans dresses!

Well, a reason might be because it’s not yet spring time. But all the designers would have presented them in their collections and at least a preview would have been available. But not even that!

But don’t stress, I still have found three jeans dresses that are worth to be checked out. And what’s even better, they’re not even that expensive! Two of them I would even consider very cheap.

Unfortunately, there are not many in stock anymore. So check them out now and if you like it order one! You should be able to return them if it’s not what you expected, anyways.

Jeans Dress

Denim Jeans Dress - $ 14

Jeans Dress Girls Calvin Klein

Jeans Dress from Calvin Klein - $ 71.98

Jeans Dress

Girls Tank Jeans Dress - $ 12.90

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Gant Designer Kids Clothes

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Did you know that Gant invented the famous button down shirts? They’re also a popular item of the Gant designer kids clothes today.

Nowadays, Gant is an outstanding global business. We want to take a quick look at the history of the business and how Gant became what it is today.

When talking about the great Gant history, we’re talking about an American dream.

Where it all began:

Bernard Gant, an immigrant from the Ukraine, came to New York in 1914 to work in the famous garment district, to follow his great passion, the fashion.

Over the next few years, Gant was about to become one of America’s most famous brands.

Gant today:

Gant is offering a wide range of high quality clothes, not just for men and women, but also for boys, girls and babies.

They also broadened their fields onto footwear, underwear and home products.

What humbly began to be a small family business, was now to become a global player in fashion.

The influence of America’s east coast college style is very important in Gant’s inspiration.

After Gant was taken over by a Swedish company, by this time it is owned by the Swiss trust Maus Frère.

Great Selection of GANT Kids Clothes:

==> Click Here to Discover a Great Selection of GANT Kids Clothes

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Amazon Expanding Kids Clothes On MYHABIT

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Have you been looking for an online store that has special offers all the time?

Well, then you will be happy to learn about MYHABIT – if you already haven’t so by now. The message about Amazon’s newest department called MYHABIT has spread very quickly.

Anyways, let me give you a quick overview about the kids clothes section.

You are going to find:
– Kids Clothes Items & Accessories
– Kids Shoes
– Designer Kids Clothes
– Boys & Girls Sections

Everything in MYHABIT is about sales and special offers. And the brands that are offered are of good quality. One example is Hipstar, a well known brand for kids t-shirts.

Click on the banner below to check out what special event or sale is offered today:

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Boden in November – Designer Kids Clothes For Less

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Boden USA, one of the classy designer kids clothes brands, is offering a great sale this November!

Here is the Boden USA Special Offer:
– 25% Off
– Free Shipping
– Free Returns

That’s amazing!

If you haven’t purchased your kids’ winter clothing, yet, now is the chance to do so – all the while saving money.

CLICK HERE To Access Boden’s Special Offer!

==> The Offer Lasts from Nov 16th to Nov 30th 2011!

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AlexandAlexa’s Premium Toy and Gifts Shop

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

To widen their services in the designer kids fashion scene, AlexandAlexa has newly introduced a premium toy and gifts shop, answering many needs in the designer kids clothes market.

For example, they offer gorgeous girls jewelry and practical diaper bags from high quality brands like Burberry – both things that are not easy to find. And of course, there is much more, like “Trunkis” (travelling equipment like backpacks or little suitcases specifically made for kids), books and exciting craft sets.

Especially the jewelry department is a urgently needed addition to kids fashion market. There is not much good girls jewelry around that is also adequate for girls. Too much girls jewelry is still either of cheap quality or just not suitable for a girl – at least I have not been able to find jewelry of good quality that doesn’t come across as “miniature adult jewelry”. Thanks to the AlexandAlexa toy and gifts shop I now know one place which offers adequate girls jewelry of good quality.

You can visit the newly introduced AlexandAlexa Premium Toy and Gifts Shop here.

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Amazon’s Kids Clothes Holiday Offers

Friday, November 4th, 2011

You know how we always strive to put original and high quality kids clothes at fair prices on our website:

For the upcoming holidays, it’s well worth browsing through Amazon’s Kids’ Trend – Holiday Dress-Up Collection.

They have some really nice kids clothes and kids outfit ideas which you might be interested in – and lots of them are at reduced prices even.

Shop Amazon’s Kids’ Trend – Holiday Dress-Up

Amazon Holidays 2011 kids clothes

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Cheap Fashion Ideas for Girls with Designer Kids Clothes

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

After last week’s overview of Amazing Kids Shoes on Sale, we would like to put together a girls outfit with designer kids clothes that are very trendy yet cheaper than some of the other designer kids clothes out there.

The following outfit is made up of items that are going to be trendy in the upcoming fall/winter season of 2011/2012.

Please note: Items can go out of stock anytime!

Girls Outfit Idea with Cheap Designer Kids Clothes

>>Click on images for prices, sizes and shipping info.<< [caption id="attachment_1102" align="aligncenter" width="111" caption="Only $ 18.79 - Click on image now!"]Girl designer kids clothes[/caption]

designer kids clothes girl white cardigan

Only $ 26 - Click on image now!

designer kids clothes girl jeans

Only $ 35.45 - Click on image now!

This outfit consists of three pieces from different brands and each item is according to one of the many momentary trends:
Pink Top from Derhy Kids;
White Cardigan from Paperdoll Girls (also available in other colors);
Girls Jeans from Monnalisa.

Ruffled tops are still very trendy among designer kids clothes and the pink top from Derhy Kids contains such a ruffled element without overdoing it. Cardigans are great for fall and they, too, have been very trendy during the last seasons and will stay trendy for at least the coming new season. And lastly, the Monnalisa Jeans are slim which is according to the skinny jeans trend that is still holding on.

Overall, this is a trendy casual outfit made up of cheap designer kids clothes.

What do you think? Please leave a comment!

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