The Skirt as an Important Piece of Infant Girl Clothes


Every female, from infant girl to woman, should have a skirt in her wardrobe. Therefore, it is one of the most important topics to cover in the infant girl clothes market. Skirts can project any kind of fashion theme and any kind of look. They are comfortable for every woman/ girl (or even men i.e. the Scottish), they can have many different designs and can be worn in every kind of situation. For example, at a business meeting, for shopping, for a walk with the dog or any other situation. On a side note: Women in the medieval times have already worn skirts.

But the reason why girls are able to wear skirts in so many different situations throughout a lifetime is that there are so many different kinds of skirts with so many different colors and patterns. This huge variety of skirts can give your daughter any type of look, i.e. that of an eager student or even that of a cute ballerina.

Here is a list of the most important and most famous different types of skirts:


A-Line Skirts

This is the basic skirt that has gotten so many different designs. Throughout the many years it has been worn by a lot of different kind of women since it was first brought up in the Dior collection in spring in 1955. The name is given because of the slight ‘A’-shape – which means that this skirt is tight at the hips and widens downwards the legs.


Flared Skirts

Actually, flared skirts are a type of A-line skirt but the difference is special flares starting at the waistline. Women with all types of proportions can wear this skirt very well because of these flares around the waist.


Fit and Flare Skirts

This variation of the flare skirt lets the flares already start from the hips, not the waist. Girls with smaller backs usually prefer these skirts because it gives them better-looking hips and thigh curves.


Straight Skirts

Like the name says, these skirts are completely straight from the hips to the legs. Girls with almost any kinds of proportions can wear them, although the body shape is an important factor for the length and waistline of the skirt.


Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts especially fit thin and skinny women because they are really tight and tend to point out at the back and at the thighs. From the waist to just above the knees, they usually have a stretch material due to its tight frame tolet the girl wearing it move more freely.


Tube Skirts

The tube skirt can be described as an extension of the pencil skirt because it goes down below the knees but is just as tight as the pencil skirt. It is also worn best by rather skinny girls and women. This is probably one of the skirts that doesn’t fit girls very well and is mostly worn by women.


Mini Skirts

This is a very brave skirt to wear and probably shouldn’t be worn by too young girls as it is extremely short which means that most parts of the legs are visible. They can look very cute though in the summer, as long as they aren’t too short because then they are rather provocative.


Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts can be worn both by slim girls and girls who have rather big hips. This type of skirt ends just above the knees and it is tailored completely with vertical pleats which fit the waist. These pleats loosen up the skirt a bit by keeping it firm and fitting at the same time.


Asymmetric Hem Skirts

Asymmetric hem skirts have a big variety of shapes and patterns so that they suit all girls and women with all possible proportions. It looks like the hem of the skirt was tailored with a flaw but that is actually the sense of this type of skirt to give it the asymmetric look. This skirt is very popular amongst latin music dancers in contests.

Designer kids clothes already contain most of these skirts with huge variations by a lot of different designers. And skirts are just as suitable for girls as they are for women – this also counts for the designer kids clothing market.

This list discloses very well how many details there are to be found in skirts. Many types of skirts are tailored for different looks and different body forms. Therefore, every skirt should be picked in regard of the other designer kids clothes it is being combined with. Since skirts are so popular, every type of skirt can be found in the designer kids clothes section for infant girl clothes.

As a general piece of advice, it is important to find the right body measurements and the right clothing combination for each type of skirt to get the most out of it.

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