Stella McCartney: Affordable Designer Kids Clothes


Stella McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, are expecting their fourth baby in late fall 2010. That might be the reason why the famous designer Stella McCartney secretly designed fashion for boys, girls and babies up to the age of 12. This is her first designer kids clothes collection, which is launching in early November 2010.

Stella McCartney is mainly focusing on selling her new children’s clothes online with the worldwide launch of The clothes are available to order for 200 different countries all over the world, so your kids can get new clothing items at any time ordered from your laptop online.

The website is introduced by a funny “I eat donuts” song in a great video for kids. It is going to be a special shopping experience with many features, like for example the “playground section”, which is going to be like a forum or chat for parents and children to exchange information and messages on the website. So this is going to be like a community of people discussing and sharing information about designer kids clothes, especially about the Stella McCartney collections of course. There is already a look book on the website where you can see some of the sweet outfits.

But Stella McCartney will sell her new designer clothes for children also in her stores in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait, so that children will have the opportunity to try her designer clothes on and buy them in a local city. Stella McCartney herself commented: “As a brand with many working parents in the team, I wanted to create a desirable, fun, wearable kids collection that was affordable. I feel like all the timeless children’s wear is reserved for the expensive brands and that did not sit well with me, kids and parents, aunts, uncles, friends, should all be able to have access to Stella McCartney Kids clothes. We have tried to make that possible in this first collection, and hope it is enjoyed!”

This is a really good ambition of her in my opinion, because she wants to give the people who usually can’t afford designer clothes a chance to let their kids look more fashionable and comfortable in their outfits. All the kids will get to know the fantastic fashion of Stella McCartney and her team.

Four new collections every year for Winter (November), Spring-Summer (February), High Summer (May) and Fall-Winter (August) are planned to being released every year. So the second season will be up for sale in February 2011 and this collection will be expanded in a wholesale retail distribution. In her first season (November 2010), the clothes will include organic cotton infant garments, floral dresses for little girls and even rubber rain boots, according to Vogue

Stella herself is a lifelong vegetarian which means that she’d never design with leather or fur. That’s why you can expect a pea coat, an ingrid dress and a quilted jacket for boys in her first season collection. The price range of the clothes will be from 19 € (26 $) for a teeny T-Shirt up to 150 € (210 $) for a coat, which in fact is affordable for a lot of people.

I can understand all the parents (especially mothers) who can’t wait to go out shopping or order some new clothes for their children in November with these announcements.

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