Kids Autumn – Winter 2012 Style Guide

Kids are becoming more fashion-minded with each generation. Teens and tweens alike want to choose their own clothing. They also track what celebrities are wearing and expect their winter wardrobes to match the latest trends. Keeping track of the themes of clothing for kids will help you pick fall and winter outfits that will delight your children. Look for pieces that fit into at least one of the categories below. Items that fall into two or more categories will be guaranteed winners with your kids during the cooler seasons of 2012.


Both boys and girls will need brightly colored separates to stand out from the crowd at school. Girls will look great in colored denim. Skinny jeans are still in for this fall, but they are showing up in shades of bright green and purple rather than the dark wash of the last few years. Denim skirts are also seeing a return to exciting colors. Space-dyeing, a more exciting version of tie-dyeing, will also be seen on all of the most fashionable kids this winter. Boys can look great by picking t-shirts and rugby shirts in bright and solid colors.

Classic Shirts

While adults are seeing a return to military styles for the fall and winter, kids are choosing collegiate classics. Boys will be seen in rugby and polo shirts of all configurations. You can pair a short-sleeved shirt with a basic henley for a layered look, or go for the long-sleeved variation for warmth and style. Cargo pants are being replaced with cadet pants, which are more fitted and free from large side pockets. Girls can stay warm without ruining their stylishness by picking a modern cardigan. This year`s cardigans feature sparkling details like embroidery or a light
touch of sequins.

Staying Cozy

Bulky winter jackets are being skipped by teens who want to look cool while staying warm. Hoodies, especially those with bright graphic prints, are at the height of fashion once again. Fitted designs with eye-catching details are more popular than the shapeless and baggy hoodies favored by some retailers. The best hoodies for this winter will feature a thick insulating layer of fleece to keep your kids warm on chilly days.

A Touch Of The West

Both kids and adults are seeing an influx of Southwestern style for this fall and winter. Kids can embrace this trend by picking shirts with a cowboy flair. Look for Western button-up shirts for boys, but avoid oversized flannel. Girls can pick boots or vests with a touch of beading and tassels to bring the Old West to their school. You can find plenty of great options from retailers like James Jeans and other kids` clothing manufacturers.

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