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Are you a fashionable parent? Do you love to see your kids dressed well? And do you always get complemented on your kids outfits? Then you should definitely share your fashion knowledge with many other parents!

There are many ways you can be of help, of course. Either in your community by helping friends – or turning it into a business. But let’s make sure we don’t get ahead too fast here because this is actually still about a passion. One of the most exciting things to do is help others for free – at first. For example, you could just let your community (your town, neighborehood, office etc.) know that you are a fashion adviser for kids! Then of course, once you have helped several parents and their kids become more fashionable and trendy, you can start charging money for it.

Or you could collect testimonials and start a fashion blog. Creating a website is really fast and easy nowadays – and if necessary you can always get a quick test professional expert. But usually, you can just sign up with any of the major free blogging websites (wordpress, blogspot, posterous) and then just start writing! Write about your fashion ideas, share pictures of your kids, tell others of exciting fashion stories where you helped a parent and their kids look gorgeous for a certain event. If your passion shines through, your readers will love it.

Another Great Idea:

Experiment with designer kids clothes outfits – and share your fashion ideas! Go to a kids clothing shop like Boden or Childrensalon and make up your own outfits.



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    You are going to get much far more satisfaction out of getting a classic piece as an alternative to a cheap garment that youll be binning inside a months time! In todays fashion conscious globe, clothes are bought, worn after which chucked welcome for the globe of disposable fashion.

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