Cool Kids Clothes Outfits For The Upcoming Official Holidays – Part 2

I’m going to talk about an outfit which I thought would be a nice idea to wear for your boys for the upcoming holidays after I illustrated my ideas for girls, which I hope are going to help you find out the perfect outfit for your children for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. 

For the boys, I thought an elegant look might be a good idea but it should as well fit in the holidays, where happiness is filling the air when all the family members meet after not seeing each other for a while. =) So the outfits shouldn’t be too formal. 

I’m starting with the shoes: A brown or beige buckskin desert shoe or a casual sneaker, like a white pair of converse might be very suitable because it shouldn’t be too outstanding, rather restrained.

Your boy can be wearing some dark nice fitting jeans, for example from Diesel or some other designer dress pants. If he doesn’t like to wear jeans you could convince him to wear some khaki chino pants from Dockers or Gant for example which are always suitable and usually even more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans.

A cool brown or black “non-buckle” belt fitting with the shoes could be holding your boys’ pants on his hips. To fit with the pants and the all around mix of elegant and casual style a plaid shirt with cute little patches on the elbows and a soft and thin cashmere cardigan is a perfect match, especially in the cold winter time that is awaiting us. For example a plaid shirt in a red-blue color mix with a dark blue cardigan by Ralph Lauren would look awesome!

Another good idea would be a white V-neck T-shirt worn under a thick winter cardigan with a cute “winter-design”.

It looks warm and very stylish. Instead of a white V-neck T-shirt, which might be a bit too informal you could just use a plain white shirt.

A scarf could be used as a charming accessory. I would advise a more simple lo-fi scarf if he’s wearing the thick cardigan or even no scarf because the knitted cardigan is usually warm and stylish enough. Remember, we rather want to keep it simple! =). A thicker cardigan could easily be worn with the shirt and the thin cardigan.

The classic Burberry scarf or a thick knitted stylish scarf are examples of scarves which I thought look really cute and stylish.




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  1. Stephan Ertzbischoff Says:

    Superb post.Ne’er knew this, thanks for letting me know.

  2. James B. Says:

    Hi Stephan, thanks for your feedback! Appreciate it. You have a nice blog, are you a fitness trainer or something?

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