AlexandAlexa’s Premium Toy and Gifts Shop

To widen their services in the designer kids fashion scene, AlexandAlexa has newly introduced a premium toy and gifts shop, answering many needs in the designer kids clothes market.

For example, they offer gorgeous girls jewelry and practical diaper bags from high quality brands like Burberry – both things that are not easy to find. And of course, there is much more, like “Trunkis” (travelling equipment like backpacks or little suitcases specifically made for kids), books and exciting craft sets.

Especially the jewelry department is a urgently needed addition to kids fashion market. There is not much good girls jewelry around that is also adequate for girls. Too much girls jewelry is still either of cheap quality or just not suitable for a girl – at least I have not been able to find jewelry of good quality that doesn’t come across as “miniature adult jewelry”. Thanks to the AlexandAlexa toy and gifts shop I now know one place which offers adequate girls jewelry of good quality.

You can visit the newly introduced AlexandAlexa Premium Toy and Gifts Shop here.

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