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Amazing Kids Shoes On Sale – Designer Kids Clothes

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

>>We don’t know how much longer these items will be on sale<<

Quality shoes are an important piece of any designer kids clothes outfit, especially now that the fall and winter seasons are about to take over.
That’s why we have searched many online stores to find stylish kids shoes which are on sale.

Below you will find a special selection of trendy kids shoes for boys and girls; you will be able to combine these shoes with a number of fashionable outfits in fall/winter of 2011/2012.

So we hope you like it! Please leave a comment with your opinion.

Boys Shoes On Sale:

==> Ralph Lauren Shoes – Only $ 29.99!!

Ralph Lauren designer kids clothes

Only $29.99 - Ralph Lauren Shoes

==> Elephantito Loafers

Elephantito designer kids clothes

Elephantito Loafers

==> Ferrari Trainers

Ferrari Trainers designer kids clothes

Ferrari Trainers

==> Petit Nord Leather Slippers

Petiti Nord Boys designer kids clothes

Petit Nord Leather Slippers

==> Ralph Lauren Shoes

Ralph Lauren designer kids clothes

Ralph Lauren Shoes

Girls Shoes On Sale:

==> Bowfish Hanuku – Only $ 29.99 !!

Bowfish Hanuku designer kids clothes

Only $ 29.99 - Bowfish Hanuku Shoes

==> Hispanitas Ballet Shoe

Hispanitas Ballet designer kids clothes

Hispanitas Ballet Shoe

==> Pink Boots

Pink Boots designer kids clothes

Pink Boots

==> Petit Nord Leather Slippers

Petit Nord Girls designer kids clothes

Petit Nord Leather Slippers

==> Fendi Boots

Fendi designer kids clothes

Fendi Boots

Cheap Baby Shoes:

And lastly, here a couple of cute baby shoes, which are not on sale but still not too expensive.

==> Amelia Baby Shoe in Candy Apple

Amelia Shoe designer kids clothes

Amelia Baby Shoe in Apple Candy

==> Silly Soles

Silly Soles designer kids clothes

Silly Soles

==> Suede Baby Boots

Suede Boots designer kids clothes

Suede Baby Boots

Stop by our Shop page for more designer kids clothes – some might be on sale!

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Feel free to leave a comment! We’d love to know about your opinion.

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Hollywood Designer Kids Clothes Outfit

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

You know what I love in summer? Fresh t-shirts that are simple yet extremely stylish. Brands like Dior, Gucci or D&G usually make such t-shirts for adults (I love to wear them, too). But here’s a great designer kids clothes opportunity from Lollipop Moon. Imagine this t-shirt with skinny jeans and and converse shoes – the perfect casual summer look!

Hollywood Tshirt for Kids

Click on the picture for prices and delivery options!

The shirt is 100% super soft cotton so it’s surely going to feel nice and soft for your child to wear.
So where could you find those skinny jeans and converse shoes that would make up such a great outfit? Check out the options below, I think they’d make up a perfect match.

Skinny Denim Jeans

Click on the picture for prices and delivery options

Converse Kids Shoes

Click on the picture for prices and delivery options

Do you like this outfit? Feel free to leave a comment!

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Ralph Lauren, Armani etc.: Trendy Kids Shoes for 2011

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The one item of clothing where you shouldn’t save your money on is shoes. They are the face of an outfit – even though, ironically, your feet are way at the bottom. Shoes are the most used item of clothing, carrying your whole weight with each step. And they can make an outfit much better – or much worse. That’s why I want to show you some trendy kids shoes for 2011 and the upcoming seasons.

Children deserve a lot of attention on this matter: their shoes must be of good quality, be comfortable and look trendy. If you want your children to really make a good impression, start with the shoes. A lot of mothers will look at other kids’ shoes first and judge a lot from that – sometimes even subconsciously. And especially for boys it is important that they learn to value them early. As they grow up, it should be second nature for them to always have clean, good looking and trendy shoes. There are still way too many men who haven’t been taught this one lesson of style. Girls usually don’t have this problem; in most cases, girls love shoes and care for them automatically.

Now let’s look at some trendy kids shoes for 2011:

These are very trendy kids shoes from Ralph Lauren, for toddlers, boys and girls. You can have them in many colors, like pink, which you should most definitely look at by clicking on the link. Ralph Lauren is one of the most respected designer brands in the world and therefore you can’t go wrong with these types of shoes. They are very casual but can also be worn to nice events, no doubts. I really like the sailor style of these shoes, because it’s perfect for the spring and summer season coming up. Thanks to their design, they go very well with both shorts/skirts and pants.

These Ralph Lauren shoes are a bit more casual. The light blue one can be worn by both boys and girls, whereas the other two are better for boys based on the coloring. Again, these designs are equally passable with pants and shorts.

As I wrote about jeans clothes as the new trend 2011, I realized that finding shoes for girls might be a bit harder than for boys. Any of the top three shoes goes well with a jeans dress (as suggested in my last article here or in the shop area here). All three of them are completely different styles hence the outfit has a completely new face depending on which one your daughter wears. This is exactly what I was trying to explain above: shoes will vastly influence your children’s outfit. The flat ballerina shoe is very casual and should be worn in the afternoons on sunny days. I wouldn’t suggest this to wear this for any dinner event. But they are very light and therefore particularly well suited for outside plays and travels on warm days. The middle shoe is an absolute must for this season: buy your daughter a jeans dress (like I talked about in this article) and these shoes and she will be the new trendsetter this spring and summer. Lastly, I wanted to provide you with something a bit more robust and with a girly color. The pink shoe is very cute and should only be worn with pants or longer skirts because of the robust design. Nevertheless, these three shoes match perfectly well with the trends in 2011.

Lastly, I want to show you and your sons these Armani shoes for boys and toddlers. It’s Armani, so your son will be the star wearing these any time. They are robust and high and therefore really good on a rainy summer day. But Armani has made such a good job with the design, that these shoes could be worn any time and any day. I would only wear them with pants, though. Especially with jeans, like these from Dolce and Gabbana, they will look awesome.

I hope that everyone will find a pair of trendy kids shoes in this article and know what to buy for their kids this season. I have picked well known brands that make high quality shoes: your children will make a good impression with any of these!

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Cool Kids Clothes – Autumn/ Winter Shoes 2010

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

For the upcoming autumn/ winter season 2010 your kids’ and babies’ feet really need to be covered in warm cool kids clothes and in trendy, comfortable designer boots.

The fashionable Ugg boots which were especially hyped in 2009 in the celebrity kids scene have for this years boots some new designs with fur which can be worn rolled up or rolled down. They fit with casual leggings or jeans and still look very trendy on girls feet.

There are some new adult-style ugg boots as well and others with colorful bottons for this winter season.

For a classic style, the Timberland boots look good on girls and boys. They are the perfect autumn/ winter shoe and always look fashionable. Like leather jackets, these shoes can be worn every year over and over again.

Trekker shoes are especially very trendy for boys again. They are really save and you can walk through dirt, over rocks and through fallen leaves on a sunday afternoon autumn walk. Boys tend to like them because of the “action-hero” look they convey.

Another trendy shoe which kids really like is the welly because they can jump into any puddle and their feet won’t get wet. Kids can just slip into them and they can look very fashionable on other designer kids clothes. For example when a girl wears them with a cute little skirt or a dress and a colorful umbrella.

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