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Find Your Toddler Some Rompers!

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Rompers are like the pre-stage of designer kids clothes. It’s a full body outfit for toddlers and it consists of only one piece of garment (FYI: There are also rompers for women; it’s one piece of garment that is both shirt and shorts.). Needless to say, there are some different criteria when purchasing a romper than you would for “normal” designer kids clothes. Nevertheless, fashion starts early so let’s look at rompers instead of designer kids clothes for once!

Rompers have a loose fit, which is very important since it is for toddlers. Your toddler must be able to move his legs and arms easily when wearing a romper. And this is already one important criteria when shopping for rompers: your child must be able to move freely (without looking like it’s wearing a tent). Also check that the collar doesn’t put any pressure on your child’s throat when he or she is lying on his back with spread out arms and legs (some kids like to do that). Thankfully, the industry is so good in using standardized sizes, that you probably won’t have lots of problems finding a loose enough romper that still fits. Nevertheless, make a quick check after your online purchase.

Secondly, you absolutely need to make sure there are buttons to open up the pants/shorts of the romper. It is going to make changing diapers and cleaning your child so much easier! Especially new mother should know about this so they don’t buy a romper without buttons. If you don’t know what I mean, look at these pictures from Stardust rompers with buttons:

Click on the pictures for more info!

And thirdly, and this is probably what you have been waiting for, there is different toddler fashion to consider. Don’t sacrifice any of the two criteria above for fashion purposes, but also don’t buy a romper that is not your style of fashion. Even for rompers, they have different styles for different occasion: Sleeping, daytime, dinner parties, swimsuits etc. In my opinion, the most important romper outfit is going to be for the daytime. This is usually the romper your child is going to wear the most.

So I have looked at different rompers and would like to show you energetic and refreshing rompers from Stardust. They fulfill all above criteria: good standardized sizes, they all have buttons, and a nice fashion style for lively children. Especially now during spring time, refreshing and energetic colors should be worn more often. What do I mean by this? Click here to visit the Stardust shop and find your toddler some rompers!

If you liked this article, don’t forget to check out our shop (click here).

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Bellieboo, Japanese Designer Kids Clothes

Sunday, October 24th, 2010


Yumiko moved from Japan to the United Kingdom (England) in 1996 and gave birth to her daughter in 2004. She was looking for sweet designer girls clothes, because she wanted her daughter to look fashionable.


The problem was, that she didn’t find any. That’s the reason she started to buy designer kids clothes for her daughter in her home country Japan when she was there on holiday to visit her family. She thought about how all the kids in Great Britain, in whole Europe and even all over the world might like to look as stylish as her daughter in her special japanese girl clothes. She founded a website where she could sell all the cool designer kids clothes from Japan and show the whole world the fashion potential in her home country. 

Well, she was right. The label “Bellieboo” with the cute Chun Chun bird (Yumiko’s logo) was born and there are a lot of interested parents from all over the world who love the japanese fashion and buy a lot of cool designer kids clothes from the Bellieboo website. Even the fashion magazine Junior Magazine wrote something about the cute earmuffs for girls, which are available on the Bellieboo website:”Bellieboo imports and sells selected designer clothing inspired by all the vibrant fashion that comes from Japan. You can just imagine these quirky earmuffs with flower details in any magazine featuring Japanese streetwear.”


The website is really cute with bird sounds as background music (probably bye Chun Chun ;)). It is very colorful and appealing with a lot of different clothes for infant boys and girls up to 12 years from many different japanese labels.

You can also buy some nice toys on the website, like the special chalks made out of eggshells. Really nice and very natural. Yumiko seems to care a lot about the environment and recycling like her eco bags, which she sends you when you buy something on her website.

That’s really what Yumiko wanted it to be. A nice website where you can buy all the cute designer kids clothes which usually have a simple design with special details like the earlier mentioned earmuffs, which are a must-have for your little girl for the upcoming winter temperatures.

Affordable for many people, nice design and a lot of variety. Sounds perfect! =)



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Top 5 Boys Designer Clothes Trends in Fall 2010

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

There are a lot of different designer clothing options for boys in fall 2010, from preppy cardigans to gleaming sport jackets or comfy hoodies. The most famous colors of the season are grey, navy, sometimes red (not too much though) and – as always – black.

A little shopping tip: You should choose clothing items which match for many different outfits. For example a discreet color for a jacket that fits with many other colors, because most parents purchase only about two to three jackets for the colder seasons. One of them could be the great “hunter-style” quilted navy-blue jacket by Ralph Lauren.

Trend 1: Leather Jackets

Awaken the rockstar in your boy! Leather and motorcycle jackets are highly in demand. Vintage clothing is becoming more and more popular again and on top of it the leather jacket is one of the timeless items in the fashion world. The cool thing is that you can wear a leather jacket with most of the casual outfits; it looks well, even so now that it is a trend.

Trend 2: Layering Clothes

The layers are really a big trend for young boys this fall. During the colder fall days boys tend to sweat much quicker when they are playing with their friends outside because of their big warm jackets. That’s why they need to layer their clothes! Your son will be flexible enough when playing with his friends, is never cold and totally in style.

As a guideline, style expert and author Jené Luciana said: “The boys need to be able to peel off or add layers, so try a thin tee with a rugby shirt over it and a thin down vest over cargos, with rugged boots or sneakers.”

The good thing about layering is that your little mischief can easily take layers (like hoodies for example) on and off whenever he feels like it. But keep in mind, you should make sure to tell your son not to leave his designer clothes at school when he took it off after playing. Layering clothes, like a long sleeved T-Shirt with a vest, usually looks very cool and you should combine it with skinny jeans to perfect the outfit.

Layering clothes is probably one of the most useful trends for this fall.

Trend 3: Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts with cool & freaky logos and phrases on your son are meant to stand out in the dark and grey color shades during fall. They are special eye-catchers for your little boy’s style. But make sure you choose appropriate phrases/ symbols so that it doesn’t come over as off for his age.

Trend 4: Military Jackets, Pea Coats or Trench Coats

A military jacket, a pea coat or a trench coat is another must-have for boys this fall. These jackets are the extra warm layer for your rebel. They look really stylish and are absolutely trendy. Boys tend to prefer military logos to feel like a strong and powerful man but nowadays I would rather suggest a trench or pea coat. They can be worn with most of the outfits and look very stylish, like the cute trench coat of the children fall 2010 collection from Burberry.

Trend 5: Cardigans

Preppy cardigans give your son the extra college-look for school. They match perfectly well with skinny jeans and discreet sneakers.

Your little boy can wear them both colorful or plain like brown or forest green this fall, and he will look very fashionable. 

Cardigans are a big trend this year. And not just for boys, also for men!


The source for finding these 5 trends is from this blog (click here).

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Gucci Childrens Designer Clothes 2011

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Gucci, one of the dominating fashion houses from Italy, recently announced to release their first childrens designer clothes collection aiming at kids from 0 to 8 years. The first Spring/ Summer collection 2011 will drop in November. Their designer kids clothes line uses classical designs mixed with a cool casual look and not only includes usual kids clothes as shoes or jackets, they are also trying to develop a new market whilst creating stylish accessories for kids, such as sunglasses, belts or jewelry.

The infant boy clothes line represents a cool, casual look in smooth leather jacket, nice, loose fitting jeans and the iconic gucci monogram loafers. A course was set with the little gucci details just like the belt in this picture or the classic gucci coloured stripes on the shirt.

The infant girl clothes line is not going for the usual girly image with bright colours and cheerful accessories. The outfit represents a cool city-look but made look chic. It consists of comfortable boots, washed jeans and a nice shirt with the picture of a handbag, maybe just like one that mommy owns. The trench coat makes the outfit look so lady-like in an utterly fashionable way.

As a lot of kids probably wouldn’t be as excited as their parents on a “Double G” logo, Gucci made a new logo for their childrens designer clothes: a golden teddy bear. Not only does it look very fashionable, kids also profit from their designer kids clothingas Gucci only uses the best materials and the items will last longer.

Last but not least, not only does Gucci make wealthy kids look good, Gucci also donated 1 Million Dollar to Unicef.

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