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Designer Kids Clothes – Fashion Days Zurich 2010

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

With the Zurich Fashion Days, fashion designers from all over the globe are presenting new collections and brands!


As designer kids clothes have become a vital part in the worlds fashion scene, the “eDesignerKidsClothes”-Team is exclusively on site to discover the last trends!


On Saturday young models are walking up and down the catwalk presenting what’s in vogue!


Of course we’ll keep you in the loop!

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Bellieboo, Japanese Designer Kids Clothes

Sunday, October 24th, 2010


Yumiko moved from Japan to the United Kingdom (England) in 1996 and gave birth to her daughter in 2004. She was looking for sweet designer girls clothes, because she wanted her daughter to look fashionable.


The problem was, that she didn’t find any. That’s the reason she started to buy designer kids clothes for her daughter in her home country Japan when she was there on holiday to visit her family. She thought about how all the kids in Great Britain, in whole Europe and even all over the world might like to look as stylish as her daughter in her special japanese girl clothes. She founded a website where she could sell all the cool designer kids clothes from Japan and show the whole world the fashion potential in her home country. 

Well, she was right. The label “Bellieboo” with the cute Chun Chun bird (Yumiko’s logo) was born and there are a lot of interested parents from all over the world who love the japanese fashion and buy a lot of cool designer kids clothes from the Bellieboo website. Even the fashion magazine Junior Magazine wrote something about the cute earmuffs for girls, which are available on the Bellieboo website:”Bellieboo imports and sells selected designer clothing inspired by all the vibrant fashion that comes from Japan. You can just imagine these quirky earmuffs with flower details in any magazine featuring Japanese streetwear.”


The website is really cute with bird sounds as background music (probably bye Chun Chun ;)). It is very colorful and appealing with a lot of different clothes for infant boys and girls up to 12 years from many different japanese labels.

You can also buy some nice toys on the website, like the special chalks made out of eggshells. Really nice and very natural. Yumiko seems to care a lot about the environment and recycling like her eco bags, which she sends you when you buy something on her website.

That’s really what Yumiko wanted it to be. A nice website where you can buy all the cute designer kids clothes which usually have a simple design with special details like the earlier mentioned earmuffs, which are a must-have for your little girl for the upcoming winter temperatures.

Affordable for many people, nice design and a lot of variety. Sounds perfect! =)



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Top 5 Boys Designer Clothes Trends in Fall 2010

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

There are a lot of different designer clothing options for boys in fall 2010, from preppy cardigans to gleaming sport jackets or comfy hoodies. The most famous colors of the season are grey, navy, sometimes red (not too much though) and – as always – black.

A little shopping tip: You should choose clothing items which match for many different outfits. For example a discreet color for a jacket that fits with many other colors, because most parents purchase only about two to three jackets for the colder seasons. One of them could be the great “hunter-style” quilted navy-blue jacket by Ralph Lauren.

Trend 1: Leather Jackets

Awaken the rockstar in your boy! Leather and motorcycle jackets are highly in demand. Vintage clothing is becoming more and more popular again and on top of it the leather jacket is one of the timeless items in the fashion world. The cool thing is that you can wear a leather jacket with most of the casual outfits; it looks well, even so now that it is a trend.

Trend 2: Layering Clothes

The layers are really a big trend for young boys this fall. During the colder fall days boys tend to sweat much quicker when they are playing with their friends outside because of their big warm jackets. That’s why they need to layer their clothes! Your son will be flexible enough when playing with his friends, is never cold and totally in style.

As a guideline, style expert and author Jené Luciana said: “The boys need to be able to peel off or add layers, so try a thin tee with a rugby shirt over it and a thin down vest over cargos, with rugged boots or sneakers.”

The good thing about layering is that your little mischief can easily take layers (like hoodies for example) on and off whenever he feels like it. But keep in mind, you should make sure to tell your son not to leave his designer clothes at school when he took it off after playing. Layering clothes, like a long sleeved T-Shirt with a vest, usually looks very cool and you should combine it with skinny jeans to perfect the outfit.

Layering clothes is probably one of the most useful trends for this fall.

Trend 3: Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts with cool & freaky logos and phrases on your son are meant to stand out in the dark and grey color shades during fall. They are special eye-catchers for your little boy’s style. But make sure you choose appropriate phrases/ symbols so that it doesn’t come over as off for his age.

Trend 4: Military Jackets, Pea Coats or Trench Coats

A military jacket, a pea coat or a trench coat is another must-have for boys this fall. These jackets are the extra warm layer for your rebel. They look really stylish and are absolutely trendy. Boys tend to prefer military logos to feel like a strong and powerful man but nowadays I would rather suggest a trench or pea coat. They can be worn with most of the outfits and look very stylish, like the cute trench coat of the children fall 2010 collection from Burberry.

Trend 5: Cardigans

Preppy cardigans give your son the extra college-look for school. They match perfectly well with skinny jeans and discreet sneakers.

Your little boy can wear them both colorful or plain like brown or forest green this fall, and he will look very fashionable. 

Cardigans are a big trend this year. And not just for boys, also for men!


The source for finding these 5 trends is from this blog (click here).

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Top 5 Girls Designer Clothes Trends in Fall 2010

Sunday, October 10th, 2010


This season, deatils are very important in the girls fashion scene. From skirts, to leggings, to cardigans and cute boots, everything can suit if it is worn the right way.

So here are the 5 must-have designer kids clothes trends for your fashionable daughter in the upcoming days of fall.

Trend 1: Sweater Dresses & Leggings

They look really cute on little girls and they are very famous this season because they are so comfortable; simple but still very fashionable. This is the perfect outfit, especially if your daughter is one who usually likes to keep it simple without too many gadgets.

The leggings give her the extra feminine look and there are a lot of options to go with this style: For example a colorful sweater with standard leggings (laced up or not). Mixed knit-dresses appear to look very nice with leggings as well. You should try out different patterns and prints with different colors that match with the colorful fall leaves or just simple colors for the grey and darker ambiance during fall.

A sweater dress is easy to slip in and looks stylish, like “jeggings”, which is another must-have. They look like very tight jeans (denim) but they are actually leggings with a special print. To complete this outfit, chose a pair of flat ballet shoes or some comfy UGG boots during the colder days for your daughter.


Trend 2: Graphic T-Shirts & Sweaters

This is a trend for both, boys and girls. It is the perfect way to let everybody know what your girl likes and what she wants to express. Maybe it’s a cute “Hello-Kitty” or some other logo or phrase your daughter wants everybody to see. The same thing goes for sweaters and hoodies. This way, your daughter can show her cool logos even if it’s colder outside.


Trend 3: Old School

The vintage look is another top fashion trend for infant girls because it reminds mothers of their own childhood and they just can’t resist to buying some of these clothing items for their own daughters. There are a lot of options, like a flower power jacket, clothes with peace logos or the well-known converse shoes in many different colors.

The vintage hype is a good reason to let your girl wear a funky leather jacket that has a used look. And as a mother, let her know what you were wearing when you were younger, it will make this fashion trend more meaningful.


Trend 4: Mix’n Match

This fall, you can mix mostly all feminine clothing items and it will fit the fashion trend of Mix’n Match. Cardigans, leggings, boots, tunics, dresses, skirts and many more. Go for it! This is the chance to just really show the world how creative you and your daughter are. And it is time to be able to experiment and be fashionable at the same time.


Trend 5: Rockstar Style

This trend is cool because your daughter can show her “rockstar” side in a fashionable way. Vintage leather jackets, some graphic old-school T-Shirts, stylish Ray-Ban Wayfarers or even leopard patterns on her leggings could be the right clothes for her if she enjoys following this trend.


The source for finding these 5 trends is from this blog (click here).

Picture Sources:

Trend 1: Sweater Dresses & Leggings (click here)

Trend 2: Graphic T-Shirts & Sweaters (click here)

Trend 3: Old School (click here)

Trend 4: Mix’n Match (click here)

Trend 5: Rockstar Style (click here)

Next up will be the Top 5 Boys Designer Clothes Trends in Fall 2010, so stay tuned!

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Designer Kids Clothes Videos: The Straight Skirt

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

As our designer kids clothes YouTube Channel is growing we have produced yet another video on skirts, this time about the straight skirt.

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When you think about it, the straight skirt isn’t very popular amongst girls. Nevertheless, it is an important skirt and shouldn’t be left out only because it isn’t popular.

Find out all the details in our video right here and please leave a comment:


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Quickly Forgotten Fashion Weeks

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

The Fashion Weeks Zurich Airport in Switzerland have ended. And nobody is gong to miss it very much.

Even though many designers have their exclusive designer kids clothes lines, not all fashion events actually cover kids fashion. While understandable for minor events, major fashion events can’t afford to leave out kids fashion during their events nowadays in order to be up to date. The Fashion Weeks Airport Zurich wasn’t a major event and therefore not many designer kids clothes were to be found. Actually, there was only one piece we found worth noticing.

But I am racing ahead in the story here, so let’s start from the beginning.

The Fashion Weeks Airport Zurich were firstly mentioned by us on our posterous blog, where we promised to cover this fashion event. Soon after that, our whole eDesigner Kids Clothes team set out to investigate the event. The Fashion Weeks were to be found in the public area of the airport where all the shops and restaurants are. What we found first was a bunch of glass showcases displaying certain pieces of garment. They were placed in front of the shops that sold these brands. While most of them were for adults, we managed to find one interesting piece for girls:

Technically, this isn’t a piece of designer kids clothing. It’s from the New Yorker store and just some random urban style sneakers for girls….with accessories.

Moving on there were many more of these showcases to be found, covering the whole range of possible fashion brands. From the low end mass production to high quality designer clothings. Even though they were all for adults, we wanted to show you some pictures:

There were many other things to be looked at but nothing fancy. Our personal favorite was a showcase with hiking shoes…

After looking at all these showcases spread out in the whole airport, we decided there must be something more as part of these Fashion Weeks. Therefore, we went to the information desk and asked for clarification. The answer was very sobering: There is nothing else to be found. No fashion shows, no designer kids shows or similar.

This event should have been called “Fashion Advertisement Weeks Zurich Airport”. The showcases only exhibited pieces of garment from the stores in the airport to get visitors and travelers interested. But besides that, we couldn’t find anything on kids clothes and therefore had to leave soon with nothing else but a funny story about this event.

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Stella McCartney: Affordable Designer Kids Clothes

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


Stella McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, are expecting their fourth baby in late fall 2010. That might be the reason why the famous designer Stella McCartney secretly designed fashion for boys, girls and babies up to the age of 12. This is her first designer kids clothes collection, which is launching in early November 2010.

Stella McCartney is mainly focusing on selling her new children’s clothes online with the worldwide launch of The clothes are available to order for 200 different countries all over the world, so your kids can get new clothing items at any time ordered from your laptop online.

The website is introduced by a funny “I eat donuts” song in a great video for kids. It is going to be a special shopping experience with many features, like for example the “playground section”, which is going to be like a forum or chat for parents and children to exchange information and messages on the website. So this is going to be like a community of people discussing and sharing information about designer kids clothes, especially about the Stella McCartney collections of course. There is already a look book on the website where you can see some of the sweet outfits.

But Stella McCartney will sell her new designer clothes for children also in her stores in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait, so that children will have the opportunity to try her designer clothes on and buy them in a local city. Stella McCartney herself commented: “As a brand with many working parents in the team, I wanted to create a desirable, fun, wearable kids collection that was affordable. I feel like all the timeless children’s wear is reserved for the expensive brands and that did not sit well with me, kids and parents, aunts, uncles, friends, should all be able to have access to Stella McCartney Kids clothes. We have tried to make that possible in this first collection, and hope it is enjoyed!”

This is a really good ambition of her in my opinion, because she wants to give the people who usually can’t afford designer clothes a chance to let their kids look more fashionable and comfortable in their outfits. All the kids will get to know the fantastic fashion of Stella McCartney and her team.

Four new collections every year for Winter (November), Spring-Summer (February), High Summer (May) and Fall-Winter (August) are planned to being released every year. So the second season will be up for sale in February 2011 and this collection will be expanded in a wholesale retail distribution. In her first season (November 2010), the clothes will include organic cotton infant garments, floral dresses for little girls and even rubber rain boots, according to Vogue

Stella herself is a lifelong vegetarian which means that she’d never design with leather or fur. That’s why you can expect a pea coat, an ingrid dress and a quilted jacket for boys in her first season collection. The price range of the clothes will be from 19 € (26 $) for a teeny T-Shirt up to 150 € (210 $) for a coat, which in fact is affordable for a lot of people.

I can understand all the parents (especially mothers) who can’t wait to go out shopping or order some new clothes for their children in November with these announcements.

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Designer Kids Clothes Videos: The Flared Skirt

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

As part of our work we produce videos covering interesting things from the designer kids clothing market. If you want to get notified quickly, subscribe to our channel here.

The newest video is another part of the skirts video series. As most of you probably know, we have written an article on the skirts topic and started producing these videos as a sequel. Watch todays video about the Flared Skirt:


Enjoy and leave a feedback!

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Childrens Designer Clothes from the Fashion Week in NYC

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


During the last few years there was a rise in production of childrens designer clothes. It is a growing market. And this year’s New York Fashion week proved just that.

Since the first childrens clothes collection ever by Vogue Bambini, many famous brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Cavalli and Ralph Lauren launched their first kids collections. Obviously, this fashion niche is becoming more and more important for designers. Not just because they want infant boys and girls to look more fashionable, but also because they see the growing potential of the market.

There are already various kids fashion magazines. A few named examples are France’s Milk, Enfants Magazine and Germany’s Kidswear magazine. These magazines already talk wildly about childrens fashion and discuss topics which will be interesting for mothers who want their children to look just as stylish as themselves.

So September 10th and 11th 2010 was a very important occasion during New York’s famous Fashion Week. The first ever so called Petite Parade, a runway show for designer kids clothes, which took place in one of the greatest fashion cities of the world. The reason for this special debut is the growing childrens designer clothing market.

The co-founders of the Petite Parade event, Aleksander Stojanovic and Tiziana Indelicato, gave an important statement on the new  kids runway show: “This event gives children’s wear designers a valuable vehicle to establish a presence and reach an untapped audience.” Obviously, this proves how important this market for designers really is.

Spring 2011 childrens designer clothes trends are expected to include colorful clothes with really childish and outstanding patterns. The overall impression of the Petite Parade collections was described by the designers of the New York Fashion Show as follows: “Cream and gold palettes of pleated and balloon dresses, perfect for a visit full of style to the Botanical Garden and the insolent red, embroidered roses, jeans and taffeta skirts to shine in the Central Park sun.” What a detailed description of what the designer kids clothes in spring 2011 should project. Brands like Cavalli, Sonya Rykiel, Simonetta, Monnalisa and Miss Grant participated in the Petite Parade to show the world what the modern, fashionable children will be wearing in spring 2011.

So in my opinion, this looks like the most famous designers of the world took a lot of effort to create these collections. They must have paid a lot of attention to the new fashion niche of childrens designer clothes. Therefore, I’m sure that in 2011 is going to happen the most stylish spring for children and their proud parents.

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eDesigner Kids Clothes on YouTube

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

If you have been reading any of our blogs during the last week, you have probably realized that we started our own YouTube channel. Our first two videos are published, so please subscribe to our channel (click here).  This way we are able to make a visual approach to the fantastic world of designer kids clothes.

As a sequel to our infamous article on skirts, we have launched a video series on the very same topic. The first video is about the A-Line skirt. Watch here:

With Gucci announcing their very first designer kids clothing line, we absolutely had to cover the history of Gucci and give insights into their kids clothes. We have already published an article on Gucci designer kids clothes and this is the video sequel. Watch here:

Don’t forget to subscribe (click here)! And please leave a comment.

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