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Amazon Expanding Kids Clothes On MYHABIT

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Have you been looking for an online store that has special offers all the time?

Well, then you will be happy to learn about MYHABIT – if you already haven’t so by now. The message about Amazon’s newest department called MYHABIT has spread very quickly.

Anyways, let me give you a quick overview about the kids clothes section.

You are going to find:
– Kids Clothes Items & Accessories
– Kids Shoes
– Designer Kids Clothes
– Boys & Girls Sections

Everything in MYHABIT is about sales and special offers. And the brands that are offered are of good quality. One example is Hipstar, a well known brand for kids t-shirts.

Click on the banner below to check out what special event or sale is offered today:

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Boden in November – Designer Kids Clothes For Less

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Boden USA, one of the classy designer kids clothes brands, is offering a great sale this November!

Here is the Boden USA Special Offer:
– 25% Off
– Free Shipping
– Free Returns

That’s amazing!

If you haven’t purchased your kids’ winter clothing, yet, now is the chance to do so – all the while saving money.

CLICK HERE To Access Boden’s Special Offer!

==> The Offer Lasts from Nov 16th to Nov 30th 2011!

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AlexandAlexa’s Premium Toy and Gifts Shop

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

To widen their services in the designer kids fashion scene, AlexandAlexa has newly introduced a premium toy and gifts shop, answering many needs in the designer kids clothes market.

For example, they offer gorgeous girls jewelry and practical diaper bags from high quality brands like Burberry – both things that are not easy to find. And of course, there is much more, like “Trunkis” (travelling equipment like backpacks or little suitcases specifically made for kids), books and exciting craft sets.

Especially the jewelry department is a urgently needed addition to kids fashion market. There is not much good girls jewelry around that is also adequate for girls. Too much girls jewelry is still either of cheap quality or just not suitable for a girl – at least I have not been able to find jewelry of good quality that doesn’t come across as “miniature adult jewelry”. Thanks to the AlexandAlexa toy and gifts shop I now know one place which offers adequate girls jewelry of good quality.

You can visit the newly introduced AlexandAlexa Premium Toy and Gifts Shop here.

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Amazon’s Kids Clothes Holiday Offers

Friday, November 4th, 2011

You know how we always strive to put original and high quality kids clothes at fair prices on our website:

For the upcoming holidays, it’s well worth browsing through Amazon’s Kids’ Trend – Holiday Dress-Up Collection.

They have some really nice kids clothes and kids outfit ideas which you might be interested in – and lots of them are at reduced prices even.

Shop Amazon’s Kids’ Trend – Holiday Dress-Up

Amazon Holidays 2011 kids clothes

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New Kidorable Banner Updated on Shop Page

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Hey all,

We just wanted to let you know that we have updated the Shop page with the new Kidorable banner:

kidroable umbrellas

eDesigner Kids Clothes

Cheap Fashion Ideas for Girls with Designer Kids Clothes

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

After last week’s overview of Amazing Kids Shoes on Sale, we would like to put together a girls outfit with designer kids clothes that are very trendy yet cheaper than some of the other designer kids clothes out there.

The following outfit is made up of items that are going to be trendy in the upcoming fall/winter season of 2011/2012.

Please note: Items can go out of stock anytime!

Girls Outfit Idea with Cheap Designer Kids Clothes

>>Click on images for prices, sizes and shipping info.<< [caption id="attachment_1102" align="aligncenter" width="111" caption="Only $ 18.79 - Click on image now!"]Girl designer kids clothes[/caption]

designer kids clothes girl white cardigan

Only $ 26 - Click on image now!

designer kids clothes girl jeans

Only $ 35.45 - Click on image now!

This outfit consists of three pieces from different brands and each item is according to one of the many momentary trends:
Pink Top from Derhy Kids;
White Cardigan from Paperdoll Girls (also available in other colors);
Girls Jeans from Monnalisa.

Ruffled tops are still very trendy among designer kids clothes and the pink top from Derhy Kids contains such a ruffled element without overdoing it. Cardigans are great for fall and they, too, have been very trendy during the last seasons and will stay trendy for at least the coming new season. And lastly, the Monnalisa Jeans are slim which is according to the skinny jeans trend that is still holding on.

Overall, this is a trendy casual outfit made up of cheap designer kids clothes.

What do you think? Please leave a comment!

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Amazing Kids Shoes On Sale – Designer Kids Clothes

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

>>We don’t know how much longer these items will be on sale<<

Quality shoes are an important piece of any designer kids clothes outfit, especially now that the fall and winter seasons are about to take over.
That’s why we have searched many online stores to find stylish kids shoes which are on sale.

Below you will find a special selection of trendy kids shoes for boys and girls; you will be able to combine these shoes with a number of fashionable outfits in fall/winter of 2011/2012.

So we hope you like it! Please leave a comment with your opinion.

Boys Shoes On Sale:

==> Ralph Lauren Shoes – Only $ 29.99!!

Ralph Lauren designer kids clothes

Only $29.99 - Ralph Lauren Shoes

==> Elephantito Loafers

Elephantito designer kids clothes

Elephantito Loafers

==> Ferrari Trainers

Ferrari Trainers designer kids clothes

Ferrari Trainers

==> Petit Nord Leather Slippers

Petiti Nord Boys designer kids clothes

Petit Nord Leather Slippers

==> Ralph Lauren Shoes

Ralph Lauren designer kids clothes

Ralph Lauren Shoes

Girls Shoes On Sale:

==> Bowfish Hanuku – Only $ 29.99 !!

Bowfish Hanuku designer kids clothes

Only $ 29.99 - Bowfish Hanuku Shoes

==> Hispanitas Ballet Shoe

Hispanitas Ballet designer kids clothes

Hispanitas Ballet Shoe

==> Pink Boots

Pink Boots designer kids clothes

Pink Boots

==> Petit Nord Leather Slippers

Petit Nord Girls designer kids clothes

Petit Nord Leather Slippers

==> Fendi Boots

Fendi designer kids clothes

Fendi Boots

Cheap Baby Shoes:

And lastly, here a couple of cute baby shoes, which are not on sale but still not too expensive.

==> Amelia Baby Shoe in Candy Apple

Amelia Shoe designer kids clothes

Amelia Baby Shoe in Apple Candy

==> Silly Soles

Silly Soles designer kids clothes

Silly Soles

==> Suede Baby Boots

Suede Boots designer kids clothes

Suede Baby Boots

Stop by our Shop page for more designer kids clothes – some might be on sale!

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Designer Kids Clothes Fashion Week of 2011

Feel free to leave a comment! We’d love to know about your opinion.

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Designer Kids Clothes Fashion Week of 2011

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Finally! One of the biggest online retailers for designer kids clothes has made a fashion week with kids clothes only. Here are some of the insights:

AlexandAlexa, one of the biggest and most renowned online retailers for kids fashion, presented some of their kids clothes from the new fall and winter collections of 2011 and 2012 in an online kids fashion week: Every day, AlexandAlexa published a new video presenting outfits exclusively from one brand or designer. The following designers and brands were covered: Junior Gaultier, Rykiel Enfant, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Stella McCartney – big names!

Day 1 – Junior Gaultier
Junior Gaultier Designer Kids Clothes
Here we see three of the four outfits from Junior Gaultier; they were presented on day 1 of this event. These outfits have captured the collection’s vintage and sailor elements which are found in several of Junior Gaultier’s pieces: The girl’s sailor hat (right), the boy’s sports jacket worn over a striped sailor shirt (middle) and the vintage ballerinas worn by the blond girl (left).

Our favorite outfit of these three is the left outfit. It was a tough decision between this and the boy’s outfit in the middle; you can’t see it on the picture but in the video, where you see the children models move, the boy looked very cool.

You should also check out the fourth outfit you can’t see in the picture above by watching the video (link below). It’s a girl’s two pieces outfit (top and pants) in black and green, very casual, somewhat artistic and also classy. It’s probably the most unique outfit AlexandAlexa has put together for Junior Gaultier.

Watch here: Video of Day 1 – Junior Gaultier!

Day 2 – Rykiel Enfant
Rykiel Enfant Designer Kids Clothes
Colors and stripes – more colors and more stripes! This collection is full of energy and the outfits presented on day 2 can’t but make you smile. These are “happy” outfits and in contrast to the other collections, no dark fall colors like brown or grey are used. The colorful pieces are always mixed with something black, so the outfits don’t make a “nervous” impression but stay colorful and “happy”.

There are a lot of items from these outfits that we fell in love with, like the hat, the jacket or the scarf. But as a whole, our favorite outfit is the one on the right with the scarf: The black long-sleeved shirt worn with this huge and colorful scarf is the perfect combination and well suited for the chilly days of fall. You must see it in the video!

Watch here: Video of Day 2 – Rykiel Enfant!

Day 3 – Dior
Dior Designer Kids Clothes
This video will give you goose bumps: You can’t see it on the pictures because it’s so dark, but the video is very atmospheric and everything underlines this beautiful designer kids clothes collection by Dior. The outfits make the kids look like young, trendy adults. The boys outfit (left) has some geek-chic elements which is very trendy at the moment. The girls both have pretty, feminine outfits without looking too girly; the flared skirts are also very trendy at the moment.

Our favorite outfit is the one on the right worn by the girl; every piece of this outfit is overwhelming and the way AlexandAlexa came up with this combination is amazing! The brown leather shoes and the brown jacket make a perfect match. The dress underneath makes the outfit more playful and it is calmed again by the grey leggings. It’s very pretty, feminine but not overly girly – and it’s Dior: How could you say no to that outfit?

Watch here: Video of Day 3 – Dior!

Day 4 – Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger Designer Kids Clothes
Okey, we got it, these are the cool guys of the Kids Fashion Week 2011, hehe: Jeans, button down shirts, loose sweaters and sneakers. The main colors are marine blue with green, red or white. The two boys in the middle and on the right look like college boys, ready to take on life; whereas the outfit on the left is more mature and more unique thanks to the patterns on the sweater and scarf.

It was hard to say which one is our favorite outfit, we especially like the left outfit and the outfit in the middle. Nevertheless, our decision fell on the middle outfit because of the jeans and jacket. When you watch the video, you will see that the jeans have an iconic Tommy Hilfiger lettering; and the jacket is just too cool to be ignored. Also, the middle outfit can be worn casually and it’s good for fall and even winter thanks to the jacket.

Watch here: Video of Day 4 – Tommy Hilfiger!

Day 5 – Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney Designer Kids Clothes
The outfits presented on day 5 for Stella McCartney are the most diversified ones. There are many different elements and colors as you can see in the picture above. The outfit way on the right is very unique and another great combination AlexandAlexa has come up with. Overall, the Stella McCartney collection is very casual.

Our favorite outfit is the boys outfit (second from left) because we think it’s the best boys outfit of all five days. You might not recognize it on the picture but the squared top is actually a jacket and not a shirt; it’s a dark blue jacket and on the inside it has this pattern of green and black squares. The skinny jeans and jacket mixed with the plain grey shirt are overwhelmingly classy yet trendy. It’s one of the trendiest boys outfits we have seen put together!

Watch here: Video of Day 5 – Stella McCartney!

The AlexandAlexa Kids Fashion Week of 2011 has picked out a great selection of designer kids clothes. Also, they managed to capture the feeling of a fashion show in an online event.

As you have seen in the pictures above, the catwalk is made out of mirrors and was placed in the woods, surrounded by light bulbs hanging from trees. It has a very dreamy and playful atmosphere which is probably going to appeal to children; so why not watch these videos with your children and see what outfits they like?

The videos are really of superb quality in terms of acting, setting and music choice. Especially the music successfully grasped the “spirit” of the outfits that were presented. The children models did a great job in terms of presence and acting. All in all, AlexandAlexa has created a beautiful kids fashion week and thanks to it being all online, it is accessible to everyone.

Of course, all of the outfits presented can be purchased from the AlexandAlexa online store, which offers:
– Free shipping worldwide
– Free returns worldwide
– Price match guarantee

You can click the following like to visit: Official AlexandAlexa Kids Fashion Week 2011 page.

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Suri Cruise Designer Kids Clothes on Rainy Days

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Suri proves: It doesn’t always have to be a Burberry raincoat!

We at eDesigner Kids Clothes have asked ourselves: “What is Suri Cruise wearing on rainy days?” Now that fall is arriving, your kids might be happy to know that the celebrities of their age are also using “cheap designer kids clothes”: Lately, Suri Cruise has been seen in different clothes from Kidorable.

It doesn’t always have to be a Burberry raincoat:

Houndstooth Rain Coat

Houndstooth Rain Coat

Kidorable is proud to present English Roses Rainwear, inspired by Madonna’s best selling children’s book. If you like the book, you’ll love this.

Polka Dots Rain Coat

Polka Dots Rain Coat

Kidorable is proud to present English Roses Rainwear, inspired by Madonna’s best selling children’s book. If you like the book, you’ll love this.

Pirate Rain Coat

Pirate Rain Coat

Sail off for adventure with our swashbuckling Pirate Coats–packed with details that will capture his imagination. Comes with a FREE matching hanger.

Two items Suri Cruise was wearing herself are the Fairy Rain Boots together with the Fairy Backpack – what else of course!

Fairy Rain Boots Fairy Backpack

Click on the images for sizes and prices.

Also, Suri Cruise has been seen with this Ladybug Umbrella, which is also a product from Kidorable:

Ladybug Umbrella

Click on image for sizes and prices.

These are only a few items from many choices. Kidorable is specialized in designer kids clothes for rainy days – and their items are not as expensive as other brands!

Access the Kidorable shop by clicking on the image below:

Kidorable Dinosaur Style

Gucci Designer Kids Clothes Shopping Guide Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Here we have put together a list of designer kids clothes from the prestigious brand Gucci. They are classy items or outfits which can be worn in the upcoming fall and winter seasons of 2011 and 2012.

If you are interested in more background info about the new Gucci kids clothes collection, you should take a look at the links at the bottom of this post.

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Boys' Outerwear by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Girls' Dresses by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Boys' Outerwear by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Girls' Dresses by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Kids' Clothes by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Kids' Clothes by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Girls' Shoes by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Toddler Girls' Outerwear by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Kids' Clothes by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Infant Boys' Sweaters by Gucci at ShopStyle

Click on image for prices and sizes.

Boys' Sweaters by Gucci at ShopStyle


Please leave a comment with your opinion of this selection of Gucci designer kids clothes – we would be really interested in what you think!

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