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Cheap Fashion Ideas for Girls with Designer Kids Clothes

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

After last week’s overview of Amazing Kids Shoes on Sale, we would like to put together a girls outfit with designer kids clothes that are very trendy yet cheaper than some of the other designer kids clothes out there.

The following outfit is made up of items that are going to be trendy in the upcoming fall/winter season of 2011/2012.

Please note: Items can go out of stock anytime!

Girls Outfit Idea with Cheap Designer Kids Clothes

>>Click on images for prices, sizes and shipping info.<< [caption id="attachment_1102" align="aligncenter" width="111" caption="Only $ 18.79 - Click on image now!"]Girl designer kids clothes[/caption]

designer kids clothes girl white cardigan

Only $ 26 - Click on image now!

designer kids clothes girl jeans

Only $ 35.45 - Click on image now!

This outfit consists of three pieces from different brands and each item is according to one of the many momentary trends:
Pink Top from Derhy Kids;
White Cardigan from Paperdoll Girls (also available in other colors);
Girls Jeans from Monnalisa.

Ruffled tops are still very trendy among designer kids clothes and the pink top from Derhy Kids contains such a ruffled element without overdoing it. Cardigans are great for fall and they, too, have been very trendy during the last seasons and will stay trendy for at least the coming new season. And lastly, the Monnalisa Jeans are slim which is according to the skinny jeans trend that is still holding on.

Overall, this is a trendy casual outfit made up of cheap designer kids clothes.

What do you think? Please leave a comment!

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Amazing Kids Shoes On Sale – Designer Kids Clothes

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

>>We don’t know how much longer these items will be on sale<<

Quality shoes are an important piece of any designer kids clothes outfit, especially now that the fall and winter seasons are about to take over.
That’s why we have searched many online stores to find stylish kids shoes which are on sale.

Below you will find a special selection of trendy kids shoes for boys and girls; you will be able to combine these shoes with a number of fashionable outfits in fall/winter of 2011/2012.

So we hope you like it! Please leave a comment with your opinion.

Boys Shoes On Sale:

==> Ralph Lauren Shoes – Only $ 29.99!!

Ralph Lauren designer kids clothes

Only $29.99 - Ralph Lauren Shoes

==> Elephantito Loafers

Elephantito designer kids clothes

Elephantito Loafers

==> Ferrari Trainers

Ferrari Trainers designer kids clothes

Ferrari Trainers

==> Petit Nord Leather Slippers

Petiti Nord Boys designer kids clothes

Petit Nord Leather Slippers

==> Ralph Lauren Shoes

Ralph Lauren designer kids clothes

Ralph Lauren Shoes

Girls Shoes On Sale:

==> Bowfish Hanuku – Only $ 29.99 !!

Bowfish Hanuku designer kids clothes

Only $ 29.99 - Bowfish Hanuku Shoes

==> Hispanitas Ballet Shoe

Hispanitas Ballet designer kids clothes

Hispanitas Ballet Shoe

==> Pink Boots

Pink Boots designer kids clothes

Pink Boots

==> Petit Nord Leather Slippers

Petit Nord Girls designer kids clothes

Petit Nord Leather Slippers

==> Fendi Boots

Fendi designer kids clothes

Fendi Boots

Cheap Baby Shoes:

And lastly, here a couple of cute baby shoes, which are not on sale but still not too expensive.

==> Amelia Baby Shoe in Candy Apple

Amelia Shoe designer kids clothes

Amelia Baby Shoe in Apple Candy

==> Silly Soles

Silly Soles designer kids clothes

Silly Soles

==> Suede Baby Boots

Suede Boots designer kids clothes

Suede Baby Boots

Stop by our Shop page for more designer kids clothes – some might be on sale!

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