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Belts are part of any designer kids clothes collection

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

I have talked about the role of belts in designer kids clothes outfits in a couple of previous articles already, and now it’s time to present you some suggestions that are in the market at the moment. One thing to note is that you need two basic belts for your child (especially for boys). Only then can you start to buy special belts that go well with a certain outfit. The reason for that is that if you buy a special belt that only goes well with a particular outfit, you won’t have one for a different outfit. Hence, check out the first section to get some ideas for basic belts that go well with most (if not even all) outfits.

How do you decide what belt is good for your child? In the “old school” of fashion, a belt was supposed to match the shoes. This has changed a bit today. Nevertheless, if you are dressing your child in a classic outfit you should still consider this rule of fashion and make sure a belt matches your son’s shoes. As a matter of fact, this rule applies mostly to boys (and men of course). For casual outfits, the belt just has to fit in with the overall style of the outfit. So let’s take a look at some belts that are pretty basic and could go well with most outfits:

Basic Boys Belts for Designer Kids Clothes Outfits:

Nautica Boys Belt

Click image for prices and shipping

Levis Boy Belt

Click on image for prices and shipping







Basic Girls Belts for Designer Kids Clothes Outfits:

Cute Girls Belt

Click on image for prices and shipping

Gem Belt for Girls

Click on image for prices and shipping








If your children already have those types of belts – in other words, basic belts that go well with most outfits – you can start purchasing special belts that can really spice up an outfit. Some belts are thought as attention grabbers to make an outfit more interesting; and other belts are used in order to blend in with an already special outfit.

The “special belts” cover a very wide array of different outfits and styles. Hence I can just give you a couple belt ideas that will make clear the difference between a “basic belt” and a “special belt”:

Special Belts for Designer Kids Clothes Outfits:

Levis Motorcycle Belt for Boys

Click on image for prices and shipping

Pink Heart Girls Belt

Click on image for prices and shipping








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Sticky: Welcome to eDesigner Kids Clothes!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

EDIT: You can read our newest article here – Hollywood Designer Kids Clothes Outfit.

We know what it means to search for designer kids clothes. Whatever it is that you are looking for, we want to help you find it. This website is not about selling kids clothes, it’s about providing a way to find kids clothes in this huge jungle called the internet.

On our blog, you can always leave a comment and ask questions about whatever that is on your mind in terms of kids fashion. Just scroll to the end of an article and leave your comment. Rest assured, that we will do the best we can to be your kids’ online fashion adviser. If you do not find an answer or clue in one of our many articles, please do not hesitate to write us an Email at You can ask us whatever is on your mind and we will try to help you out.

We take kids fashion seriously. Not like a label or a store does, but like the parents of kids do. Designer kids clothes have to be useful and stylish, the price has to be right, the quality has to be good and it must give your child a unique look. That’s why we are interested in designer kids clothes in the first place. There are many big brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren or Dior that offer a wide range of designer kids clothes. But they are also very pricey! What about all the other designers who are not as renowned but create just as high quality and stylish designer kids clothes for less? We constantly browse the internet to find both types of products – renowned and not as renowned – and let you know about them. In the end, designer kids clothes are a lifestyle that can be lived up to with a low or with a high budget. You have to find designers that suit your family’s style and we want to do just that.

To help you get started, we’d advise you to read one of the following articles. Some of them are on our website and others were published by us on Ezine articles. So please don’t be confused if you get redirected to Ezine. At the bottom of an Ezine article you’ll always find a link that is going to redirect you back to our website:
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Remember to leave a comment whenever you’d like to know something else or have something to add to one of our articles. Or just send us an Email at if you have a question that you would like to have answered.

With this brief introduction post, we would now like to welcome you to the eDesigner Kids Clothes community! Thank you for reading our blog, we appreciate your presence.

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Hollywood Designer Kids Clothes Outfit

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

You know what I love in summer? Fresh t-shirts that are simple yet extremely stylish. Brands like Dior, Gucci or D&G usually make such t-shirts for adults (I love to wear them, too). But here’s a great designer kids clothes opportunity from Lollipop Moon. Imagine this t-shirt with skinny jeans and and converse shoes – the perfect casual summer look!

Hollywood Tshirt for Kids

Click on the picture for prices and delivery options!

The shirt is 100% super soft cotton so it’s surely going to feel nice and soft for your child to wear.
So where could you find those skinny jeans and converse shoes that would make up such a great outfit? Check out the options below, I think they’d make up a perfect match.

Skinny Denim Jeans

Click on the picture for prices and delivery options

Converse Kids Shoes

Click on the picture for prices and delivery options

Do you like this outfit? Feel free to leave a comment!

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