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An Alternative to Gucci Designer Kids Clothes

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

It is well worth looking into alternatives that you could combine with Gucci designer kids clothes to save some money. Hence, I would like to make some outfit suggestions that are made up of Boden and Gucci designer kids clothes. Boden is a high quality designer kids clothes brand that is cheaper than Gucci. It is not as exquisite as Gucci but it is still of very good quality and has many nice designer kids clothes that are well worth to be purchased. Boden is a European designer clothing brand and their children clothing line, Mini Boden, has existed since 1996 so they are quite experienced in the market. Of course, if you want the real Gucci feeling or typical Gucci pattern type of designer kids clothes, then there is no alternative to Gucci.
Nevertheless, please consider the following ideas anyways:

Click on the images for more details about the clothes:
Gucci Alma Ballet Flats Broderie Summer Dress

If you are buying Gucci, I would start with the shoes. Gucci shoes are very iconic and instantly make your daughter stand out from the crowd. Hence, you must find a high quality dress for your girl that goes well with the Gucci shoes and isn’t as pricy. You can find such a combination above with Mini Boden as an alternative to a Gucci dress while still being able to purchase the original Gucci ballerina for your daughter. A Gucci dress easily costs you another 200 $ but the Boden dress above – that is also of high quality garment and just as matching with them Gucci ballerinas – is only around 50 $.

Click on the images for more details about the clothes:
Gucci Golfball Tee Slim Fit Jeans

Maybe you really want your son to make a very good impression on that summer weekend family meeting by having him dress in an original Gucci t-shirt. Since the t-shirt is going to be an eye-catcher itself, you don’t necessarily need Gucci jeans. For example, the slim Boden jeans above would match the white Gucci tee with the designer golf balls on it extremely well. This way, you can have your son wear original Gucci designer kids clothes while still saving money on the jeans.
And, as mentioned many times before, Mini Boden itself is a high quality kids clothing brand as well! Here I only tried to give alternatives to expensive Gucci outfits by combining Gucci designer kids clothes with other brands.

If this got you interested in the Mini Boden designer kids clothes you can browse their online store by clicking on the banner below:

Shop at Boden!

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How to get Gucci designer kids clothes cheap with wholesales!

Friday, June 10th, 2011

We have seen a huge demand for Gucci designer kids clothes. Keep reading if you want to buy original designer kids clothes like Gucci and pay less!
On our blog but also on the internet in general, lots of parents are keen to find Gucci clothes for their kids. And they all have good reasons to do so! Gucci offers very stylish clothes for good quality. And obviously, kids dressed in the newest Gucci clothes make a stunning impression.

With the quality and design comes a high price, not just for Gucci kids clothes but also for all other renowned designer kids clothes brands. Many parents have therefore looked into wholesales and it has become very popular. Wholesales are a business that can be learned and understood like any other. What you need to know is how to connect with wholesale apparel from major designer kids clothes brands to get huge discounts on original designer kids clothes like Gucci. Additionally, wholesalers are interested in making things easy for their customers so they can sell their products!

If you would like to dress your kids in original designer kids clothes like Gucci and pay less, then you have to check out Designer Wholesale Sources. I’m sure you’ll know what to do after you’ve seen this!

–> Click on this link for more info about Designer Wholesale Sources.

Click on the image below to browse Gucci designer kids clothes in an online store:

Infant Girls' Shoes by Gucci at ShopStyle

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Offtopic but useful anyways

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

I have another web project which is in the fitness niche and it’s all about calf training. There you will find free calf training in an eBook, in videos and workout plans. Basically, it’s about showing all the possible calves exercises, because that plays a major role in your calf training success.

So anyways, whether you are a woman who wants better shaped calves for wearing high heels, or a man who wants to look more athletic with visible muscular calves, head over to Calves Exercises and see if it’s for you.

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Find Trendy Designer T-Shirts for Kids

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

There’s no better time than summer to show off cool t-shirts. But the designer kids clothes market offers a huge variety of different t-shirts – it’s overwhelming! So we have to narrow our options to the following question: What makes a t-shirt trendy this summer? As you’ve probably already known, colorful outfits are extremely trendy this summer. As a matter of fact, summer is the most colorful fashion season of the year anyways, but this summer it’s even more colorful.
On a side note: We have published an article dedicated to this year’s trend of colorful kids clothes. You can read it here: Colorful Kids Clothes – A Trend in Summer 2011.

Please click on the images below!

As you’ll learn in our article, there’s no real answer to what exact colors are trendy at the moment; instead, it’s more about the combination of colors. In other words, feel free to choose whatever colors you like! Nevertheless, we have observed that yellow is especially in vogue in the kids fashion scene of 2011.
Of course, we have added some concrete t-shirt suggestions to this article for you; click on any of the images if you like what you see. Don’t forget to visit our “Shop” Page if you want to look at other nice designer kids clothes.

Just as stated above, yellow is suspiciously often used by designer kids clothes brands for t-shirts. You should definitely use this trend and get a yellow shirt like the ones above! It’s so refreshing!

Here are some other choices in a completely different style that are also very nice for summer 2011:

Please click on the images below!

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