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High quality kids clothes from various designers at reduced prices!

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Lollipop Moon is one of the best online stores on the web. That’s why we have also written about it in our Online Shopping Guide 2011 (you can download it for free by signing up on the right hand side). It’s great when online stores have their own approach. It makes them unique and reliable in a way, that you’ll always know what to find there. So when you are looking for something specific, you know where to go. In the case of Lollipop Moon, I go there when I look for kids clothes that are unique and from various individual designers. Do you know what online store to visit when you are looking for something specific? Use our Online Shopping Guide; it’ll help you get started.

Anyways, what I like most about Lollipop Moon is that they never stop finding new and unique kids clothes from different designers. They have been featured by many magazines and live up to their expectations every day. And on top of all, even though they are based in the US, they offer worldwide shipping!

Lollipop Moon sells high quality kids clothes from various designers – and to you even at a 10% discount! All you have to do is click on the image below and use the code “Spring10” when making a purchase. I don’t know how long this will last, it might end anytime! Take a minute to look at their clothes now so you don’t miss out on this chance.

Click image below and use code “Spring10” for 10% discount:

Click image - 10% Discount

Click image - 10% Discount

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Gucci Kids Clothing for Summer 2011

Friday, May 20th, 2011

As announced last year on our blog (read here), Gucci has released one of the best kids clothing collections for 2011. If you don’t know yet, Gucci is one of the most respected designers from Italy and has ensured that many people around the world could mark their presence in some of the best outfits. In contrast to the adult’s fashion line, Gucci has introduced a new logo for their kids clothing collections: a big Teddy Bear – mostly in the colors silver or gold. Very appropriate! Don’t you think, too?

The Gucci kids clothing line in 2011 includes everything; from the traditional Gucci monograph loafers to fresh new sweaters and shirts that are exclusive to their kids clothing line. So I think that one can say that Gucci has lived up to all of our expectations by providing such a wide range of kids clothing. What is it that makes the Gucci kids clothing so special? Let’s take a closer look at these pictures and get inspired by the Gucci way of life.

Please click on the image below for more info about the outfit.

Gucci understands how to make classy clothes in high quality garments without coming across as showy. Personally, I believe this combination is what makes designer kids clothes worth the price. And Gucci kids clothing completely provides this lifestyle! Just look at the shirts and shoes in the images above: Gucci has made a great job staying true to their fashion while still making clothes appropriate for kids.

Interestingly enough, as you can see in the pictures above, Gucci uses a lot of jeans garment for their kids clothing outfits in 2011. I have written about the “jeans trend” in one of my other articles, too (click here to read). So, it’s nice to see that the leading fashion houses support this trend in their own collections.

I hope you’re as contented as I am with the Gucci kids clothings for summer 2011. If you would like to look at some of their other items, please click on the image below or click this link.

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Video: The Making of a Girl Dress

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Have you also wondered how designers make a girl dress? This is a great video showing the major steps to a very nice dress by Serendipity. Serendipity makes their own girls designer dresses; you can check out their website here.

So here’s the video. It’s amazing!

If you liked the video and the dress, you might want to check out this here by clicking on the image:

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Find Your Toddler Some Rompers!

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Rompers are like the pre-stage of designer kids clothes. It’s a full body outfit for toddlers and it consists of only one piece of garment (FYI: There are also rompers for women; it’s one piece of garment that is both shirt and shorts.). Needless to say, there are some different criteria when purchasing a romper than you would for “normal” designer kids clothes. Nevertheless, fashion starts early so let’s look at rompers instead of designer kids clothes for once!

Rompers have a loose fit, which is very important since it is for toddlers. Your toddler must be able to move his legs and arms easily when wearing a romper. And this is already one important criteria when shopping for rompers: your child must be able to move freely (without looking like it’s wearing a tent). Also check that the collar doesn’t put any pressure on your child’s throat when he or she is lying on his back with spread out arms and legs (some kids like to do that). Thankfully, the industry is so good in using standardized sizes, that you probably won’t have lots of problems finding a loose enough romper that still fits. Nevertheless, make a quick check after your online purchase.

Secondly, you absolutely need to make sure there are buttons to open up the pants/shorts of the romper. It is going to make changing diapers and cleaning your child so much easier! Especially new mother should know about this so they don’t buy a romper without buttons. If you don’t know what I mean, look at these pictures from Stardust rompers with buttons:

Click on the pictures for more info!

And thirdly, and this is probably what you have been waiting for, there is different toddler fashion to consider. Don’t sacrifice any of the two criteria above for fashion purposes, but also don’t buy a romper that is not your style of fashion. Even for rompers, they have different styles for different occasion: Sleeping, daytime, dinner parties, swimsuits etc. In my opinion, the most important romper outfit is going to be for the daytime. This is usually the romper your child is going to wear the most.

So I have looked at different rompers and would like to show you energetic and refreshing rompers from Stardust. They fulfill all above criteria: good standardized sizes, they all have buttons, and a nice fashion style for lively children. Especially now during spring time, refreshing and energetic colors should be worn more often. What do I mean by this? Click here to visit the Stardust shop and find your toddler some rompers!

If you liked this article, don’t forget to check out our shop (click here).

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Ralph Lauren Kids Clothes – Cool Boys Outfits

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Some of you might have already found out that I am a huge fan of Ralph Lauren kids clothes. I strongly believe in their quality and branding. Ralph Lauren is classy and still casual. The Ralph Lauren kids clothes are exactly like the adult clothes and therefore it is a lot of fun putting together cool boys outfits. Ralph Lauren kids clothes deserve your attention in the designer kids clothes market because you can buy almost any of their clothes and your kids will look very nice. Actually, nice is the perfect word for Ralph Lauren outfits: They are not showy, instead they are clean and classy but without coming across as uptight. So let me show you a couple of cool outfits for boys from Ralph Lauren that are perfect for spring and summer time.

Above you will find a typical spring outfit that is high class all around. It consists of a white long sleeve shirt that won’t make your son sweat much but still protect him from the chilly spring winds. The blue shorts are a good contrast and go particularly well with the icons on the white shirt. Also, it is good to have your son wear shorts in darker colors because pants and shorts are very prone to become dirty quickly. The loafers are an absolute must with this outfit! Make sure you find a nice belt that matches their color. Not only are the loafers very light and good for warm weather, they are also very easy to put on and will make your son love these. The hat is necessary sun protection and matches the navy blue shorts. In case you wanted this outfit for a very warm day, you could always replace the long sleeve shirt with another white polo shirt that has shorter sleeves. I think this outfit expresses very well the clean and classy look of Ralph Lauren kids clothes – and they don’t come across as uptight!

This outfit is quite different. In most regions there are also cooler days during spring and summer time – or you might do a trip to a windy place – and then your son also needs a warmer outfit. For this one I have chosen darker colors so that it can also be worn to dinner events (where it’s usually chilly, too). The button shirt is very playful and cool. Additionally, such checked shirts are very trendy at the moment! With a shirt like this you should definitely buy dark jeans like the ones in the outfit above. They underline the colors of the shirt and give it an overall more stylish look. Your son couldn’t wear colorful pants with such a shirt because there would just be too much coloring and “movement” from the patterns; we are talking about designer kids clothes in fact, but that doesn’t mean it has to look childish. Over the shirt you could have your son wear this navy blue sweater. It’s similar in style to the jeans so it also stabilizes the special pattern and coloring of the shirt. And last but not least, the sneakers: look at the picture! Do I need to say more? (Click on the picture to order now.) They are absolutely perfect to go with the shirt! I was so excited when I put together this outfit because of the opposites it combines in a very fashionable way: the jeans and sweatshirt are very dark and calm whereas the sneakers and button shirt are very playful and energetic. Especially when your son is wearing the sweater over the shirt, the collar and shoe patterns will make him look very fresh and sharp without coming across as showy because the jeans and sweatshirt build a classy foundation.
I hope you are starting to love Ralph Lauren kids clothes as much as I do and I was able to provide you with cool boys outfits. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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Ralph Lauren, Armani etc.: Trendy Kids Shoes for 2011

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The one item of clothing where you shouldn’t save your money on is shoes. They are the face of an outfit – even though, ironically, your feet are way at the bottom. Shoes are the most used item of clothing, carrying your whole weight with each step. And they can make an outfit much better – or much worse. That’s why I want to show you some trendy kids shoes for 2011 and the upcoming seasons.

Children deserve a lot of attention on this matter: their shoes must be of good quality, be comfortable and look trendy. If you want your children to really make a good impression, start with the shoes. A lot of mothers will look at other kids’ shoes first and judge a lot from that – sometimes even subconsciously. And especially for boys it is important that they learn to value them early. As they grow up, it should be second nature for them to always have clean, good looking and trendy shoes. There are still way too many men who haven’t been taught this one lesson of style. Girls usually don’t have this problem; in most cases, girls love shoes and care for them automatically.

Now let’s look at some trendy kids shoes for 2011:

These are very trendy kids shoes from Ralph Lauren, for toddlers, boys and girls. You can have them in many colors, like pink, which you should most definitely look at by clicking on the link. Ralph Lauren is one of the most respected designer brands in the world and therefore you can’t go wrong with these types of shoes. They are very casual but can also be worn to nice events, no doubts. I really like the sailor style of these shoes, because it’s perfect for the spring and summer season coming up. Thanks to their design, they go very well with both shorts/skirts and pants.

These Ralph Lauren shoes are a bit more casual. The light blue one can be worn by both boys and girls, whereas the other two are better for boys based on the coloring. Again, these designs are equally passable with pants and shorts.

As I wrote about jeans clothes as the new trend 2011, I realized that finding shoes for girls might be a bit harder than for boys. Any of the top three shoes goes well with a jeans dress (as suggested in my last article here or in the shop area here). All three of them are completely different styles hence the outfit has a completely new face depending on which one your daughter wears. This is exactly what I was trying to explain above: shoes will vastly influence your children’s outfit. The flat ballerina shoe is very casual and should be worn in the afternoons on sunny days. I wouldn’t suggest this to wear this for any dinner event. But they are very light and therefore particularly well suited for outside plays and travels on warm days. The middle shoe is an absolute must for this season: buy your daughter a jeans dress (like I talked about in this article) and these shoes and she will be the new trendsetter this spring and summer. Lastly, I wanted to provide you with something a bit more robust and with a girly color. The pink shoe is very cute and should only be worn with pants or longer skirts because of the robust design. Nevertheless, these three shoes match perfectly well with the trends in 2011.

Lastly, I want to show you and your sons these Armani shoes for boys and toddlers. It’s Armani, so your son will be the star wearing these any time. They are robust and high and therefore really good on a rainy summer day. But Armani has made such a good job with the design, that these shoes could be worn any time and any day. I would only wear them with pants, though. Especially with jeans, like these from Dolce and Gabbana, they will look awesome.

I hope that everyone will find a pair of trendy kids shoes in this article and know what to buy for their kids this season. I have picked well known brands that make high quality shoes: your children will make a good impression with any of these!

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