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Jeans Kids Clothing for SS2011 – Join The Trend!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Since the 1990’s jeans clothes haven’t been as popular anymore as before. The last peak was in the 1980’s. Just to clarify: Jeans pants are still the most popular pants. But what I want to talk about in this article is jeans clothes in general. When was the last time you bought a jeans jacket? Most of us haven’t bought one in years if you’ve been following the trend.

But this spring and summer 2011, jeans clothes will have a little comeback. Dressing kids in jeans clothes will make for a fresh change. And this is good news for us designer kids clothes fans! Jeans is a good material that is very well suited for children activities. It’s washable, robust and stains don’t show up on jeans clothing as well as on other clothing materials. Jeans clothes usually have been washed numerous times before being sold; therefore they don’t shrink much when you wash them the first time.

Probably some of the highest qualities jeans clothing you can get are from the Diesel branding. The Diesel brand has always been very innovative and dared to try out their own ways of style – even if it meant ignoring fashion trends and forecasts. To this day, the Diesel company is hence regarded as a leader in the fashion scene. The most prestigious Diesel clothes are part of the Diesel Denim line which is exclusively produced in Italy.

Here are a couple Diesel Denim kids clothes items you should definitely consider for this year. Click on the images to order fast and easy:

I’m sure you haven’t seen a girl wear a jeans dress like one of these in a while. This is perfect for spring where it’s starting to get warm but still has those chilly winds. The Denim jeans fabric will be warmer than a linen dress (which should be worn on warm days exclusively). Even though the jeans fabric can have a rather rowdy appearance, these dresses are still very feminine through thedesign of their skirts.

If you want your daughter to wear something a bit more loose, you might consider this jeans dress instead. This Diesel girl dress gives much more room when wearing it and looks very cute on younger girls. For it gives more room, it can also be worn on warmer days and is therefore a perfect girl dress to transit the spring and summer weather.

And lastly the cool jeans jackets for boys and girls. Diesel has made a good job at creating distinct jeans jackets that are similar but still attributed to girls or boys only. Both of these jackets are from the Denim line and therefore high quality jeans jackets.

And if you are looking for toddler jeans jackets, you should have a look at these:

I hope I have been able to inspire you to join the comeback of kids jeans clothing. And the best thing about these designer kids clothes is that you don’t have to worry that your children can’t wear them when going outside to play! The jeans fabric is good looking and perfectly suited for outside activities.

Click on the images above to order now!

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Anti-trendy Designer Kids Clothes

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Maybe you are bored by a current designer kids clothes trend but unsure what else your child could wear. At this point, a good topic to think about, especially in the designer kids clothing market (where so many outfits are inspired purely by trends), is whether your child’s style should be trendy or anti-trendy. Let me explain: When dressing well while being anti-trendy, those are the moments to shine with fashion choices. By following a trend, a fashion choice won’t be able to stick out very well. But by being anti-trendy, chances are you’re child will be the only one wearing that particular style. And if you’re child’s appearance is then well received, that’s when you’re child will shine and get complimented a lot. Of course, dressing particularly well within the “boundaries” of a certain trend is just as rewarding as doing so in an anti-trendy way. But being anti-trendy requires more courage, more risk and more thought. This might lead you and your child to get especially attached to such an outfit.

You have to make sure you and your child know what you are doing when going the anti-trendy way. There are no shortcuts: No celebrities to copy, no magazines with any useful proposition. Keep in mind that when going anti-trendy, one has to try to be more conservative. Just being anti-trendy might come across as “rebellious” by itself and therefore there’s no need to try even crazier looks. (Maybe one should wait for the style to be trendy again before going all off; but that might never happen…) If you and your child really have the urge to try a bit crazier things that are way off the momentary trend, then make sure you don’t let your child put them on all at once. A little accessory might just spice up the outfit enough if done correctly. Start from there and elaborate on your findings.

Another thought is, if you have a child that likes to dress notoriously anti-trendy, let him or her start small. Dress them first according to the momentary trend, and then let your child choose one or two pieces. For example, you could make sure the pants and sweatshirt are trendy but let your child choose the shoes and T-shirt. Make sure the outfit as a whole still looks well and the pieces match. It will probably be quite some work to get a good outfit together like this. But if it helps your child feel more comfortable in his or her clothes, it is well worth it.

Parents don’t want their children to look like a clown which is why dressing anti-trendy is not even considered very often. But never forget the power of anti-trends and that it doesn’t mean having to dress completely strange. A well chosen accessory or a mixture of clothes, both trendy and anti-trendy, can still make up a good outfit. Such an outfit can turn out to be much more rewarding because you and your child will have put quite some thought into it and you’ll get very attached to it.

Feel free to comment below and describe your favorite anti-trendy designer kids clothes ideas (that maybe haven’t even made it to a trend, yet). We would love to hear about them!

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