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Cool Kids Clothes Outfits For The Upcoming Official Holidays – Part 2

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I’m going to talk about an outfit which I thought would be a nice idea to wear for your boys for the upcoming holidays after I illustrated my ideas for girls, which I hope are going to help you find out the perfect outfit for your children for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. 

For the boys, I thought an elegant look might be a good idea but it should as well fit in the holidays, where happiness is filling the air when all the family members meet after not seeing each other for a while. =) So the outfits shouldn’t be too formal. 

I’m starting with the shoes: A brown or beige buckskin desert shoe or a casual sneaker, like a white pair of converse might be very suitable because it shouldn’t be too outstanding, rather restrained.

Your boy can be wearing some dark nice fitting jeans, for example from Diesel or some other designer dress pants. If he doesn’t like to wear jeans you could convince him to wear some khaki chino pants from Dockers or Gant for example which are always suitable and usually even more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans.

A cool brown or black “non-buckle” belt fitting with the shoes could be holding your boys’ pants on his hips. To fit with the pants and the all around mix of elegant and casual style a plaid shirt with cute little patches on the elbows and a soft and thin cashmere cardigan is a perfect match, especially in the cold winter time that is awaiting us. For example a plaid shirt in a red-blue color mix with a dark blue cardigan by Ralph Lauren would look awesome!

Another good idea would be a white V-neck T-shirt worn under a thick winter cardigan with a cute “winter-design”.

It looks warm and very stylish. Instead of a white V-neck T-shirt, which might be a bit too informal you could just use a plain white shirt.

A scarf could be used as a charming accessory. I would advise a more simple lo-fi scarf if he’s wearing the thick cardigan or even no scarf because the knitted cardigan is usually warm and stylish enough. Remember, we rather want to keep it simple! =). A thicker cardigan could easily be worn with the shirt and the thin cardigan.

The classic Burberry scarf or a thick knitted stylish scarf are examples of scarves which I thought look really cute and stylish.




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Tom & Lisa – Designer Kids Clothes Store

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Designer Wholesale Sources

While walking through the historic district in Zurich’s heart, where designer shops string together, the eDesignerKidsClothes-team discovered that a modern but classical chic designer kids clothes store newly opened up – “Tom&Lisa“.

As Switzerland is – with utmost effort – establishing it’s reputation in the matter of fashion (as the Fashion Days Zurich 2010 indicates) to be a part of the fashion capitals with international importance on trendsetting such as Paris, Milan, New York and London. That’s why the insider stores in Switzerland are an important place to go to see what’s in vogue! 

The “Tom&Lisa” store is an entrepreneur in it’s field: the store is not only offering designer kids clothes, but also furniture and toys.

We especially want to expand the boys selection, because in our opinion this section has been neglected so far!” – Thomas Bombeli

Another unique idea by the entrepreneur and manager Thomas Bombeli for his online store is to introduce a new kind of present making: “For now we will just offer present boxes for birth occasions with a limited assortment. (…) The idea is that the costumer should not be forced to look for suitable presents in different shops, but rather buy a chic and noble packed present via internet that we are then sending directly to the recipient.”

The love and passion to their business, the care and the calmness with which costumers are being treated is not only expressed in their neatly equipped and on two floors extended store, but also the fact that one percent of all profits are being donated to a local hospice for children.


Read the full exclusive interview with CEO Thomas Bombeli:

How did you get around to the “Tom&Lisa” shop? What was your motivation?

After I have been into the toy retailing business for many years, I’ve been looking for a new challenge that should above all focus on products for 0-6 year old infants.On the one hand because they are very emotional products that make fun and on the other hand I wanted to use my experience in a field that I am emotionally attached to and that I enjoy. Added to that I wanted to create something myself and therefore use my own ideas.

What does the name “Tom&Lisa” stand for?

“Tom & Lisa” is a fictional name that I’ve chosen together with my partner. The name should refer to kids, easy to remember, understandable in common languages and with a nice tonality.

What brands are you selling? Are you planning to launch an in-house brand?

At the moment we are selling brands like Burberry, Monnalisa (clothes and furniture), Gallucci shoes, Easy Peasy Finken, Moncler, Ill Gufo, Diesel, Steiff and Refgina hats. As accessories we sell jewelry by Réjanne Rosenberger, hair jewelry by Rachel Weissmann and Regina Mützen. In addition to our gift section (birthday gifts) we are offering Kaloo, Olli Olbot, Plüsch and some wooden toys. In January 2011 we are also planning to add brands such as Aeronautica, Rare, von Laack and Blauer. We espacially want to expand the boys selection, because in our opinion this section has been neglected so far.

When are you planning to launch your online store? Do you want to offer international shipping?

In fact we had some delays with our online shop, nevertheless it should be online within the next ten days. For now we will just offer present boxes for birth occasions with a limited assortment, so that the costumer should not be forced to look for suitable presents in different shops, but rather buy a chic and noble packed present via internet that we are then sending directly to the recipient.Of course you can also pick and configure our boxes right on site in our shop. The boxes are including four products that are either packed as a classic-box or as a premium-box that can be put together individually.

Are you planning further branches? International?

First of all we’ll start off slowly, as a new product has to ripen. But of course we are looking forward to plan furhter locations and who knows, maybe “Tom&Lisa” will be available abroad some day. We are amenable for something new.


If you are in Zurich you must buy your desinger kids clothes at Tom&Lisa’s.

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Cool Kids Clothes Outfits For The Upcoming Official Holidays – PART 1

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

For the upcoming official holidays, like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve I’m sure you want your kids to look well groomed and stylish in trendy kids clothes. 

I thought about this topic and made up some outfit ideas for boys and girls, so that you might have an example on how your kids could look like when the whole family is visiting you to celebrate and exchange presents.


I might start with the Girls Outfit as PART 1 of this topic:


I think the traditional holidays are a perfect chance to let your girl shine in the most beautiful clothes of her wardrobe but it should look elegant at the same time.

A cute flared skirt like the on on the picture worn by the young fashionista Suri Cruise might be a good match with cute tights expressing the winter-atmosphere, combined with some glittering ballet shoes for the special twinkle for Christmas for example.

Above, your girls might be wearing a rather simple button down shirt (for example by Ralph Lauren of Gant), to emphasize the shoes and the skirt. To complete the outfit a cardigan or a v-neck sweatshirt for the “winterish”-style would be very elegant, which is important on occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Another option would be a plain and comfy cashmere sweatshirt or a cute little blazer which would make your girl look a bit mature (Like the purple one designed by Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) for Disney)

Just a sweatshirt with winter logos might be really cool and look like her grandma has just knitted it for her to wear for Christmas Eve.

A good accessory for girls would be an alice band with a cute little bow on top of it matching with the colors of her flared skirt or her ballet shoes.

She might as well be wearing some cool cowboy boots for New Year’s eve like the pink boots on the picture. This could be the perfect night to wear your old cowboy boots you once bought with your husband/ wife when you were back there in Texas on holiday. =) I’m sure the “partner-look-fotos” with your daughter both wearing their cowboy boots would make you smile every time you look at them.

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Designer Kids Clothes – Fashion Days Zurich 2010

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

With the Zurich Fashion Days, fashion designers from all over the globe are presenting new collections and brands!


As designer kids clothes have become a vital part in the worlds fashion scene, the “eDesignerKidsClothes”-Team is exclusively on site to discover the last trends!


On Saturday young models are walking up and down the catwalk presenting what’s in vogue!


Of course we’ll keep you in the loop!

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