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Stella McCartney: Affordable Designer Kids Clothes

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


Stella McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, are expecting their fourth baby in late fall 2010. That might be the reason why the famous designer Stella McCartney secretly designed fashion for boys, girls and babies up to the age of 12. This is her first designer kids clothes collection, which is launching in early November 2010.

Stella McCartney is mainly focusing on selling her new children’s clothes online with the worldwide launch of The clothes are available to order for 200 different countries all over the world, so your kids can get new clothing items at any time ordered from your laptop online.

The website is introduced by a funny “I eat donuts” song in a great video for kids. It is going to be a special shopping experience with many features, like for example the “playground section”, which is going to be like a forum or chat for parents and children to exchange information and messages on the website. So this is going to be like a community of people discussing and sharing information about designer kids clothes, especially about the Stella McCartney collections of course. There is already a look book on the website where you can see some of the sweet outfits.

But Stella McCartney will sell her new designer clothes for children also in her stores in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait, so that children will have the opportunity to try her designer clothes on and buy them in a local city. Stella McCartney herself commented: “As a brand with many working parents in the team, I wanted to create a desirable, fun, wearable kids collection that was affordable. I feel like all the timeless children’s wear is reserved for the expensive brands and that did not sit well with me, kids and parents, aunts, uncles, friends, should all be able to have access to Stella McCartney Kids clothes. We have tried to make that possible in this first collection, and hope it is enjoyed!”

This is a really good ambition of her in my opinion, because she wants to give the people who usually can’t afford designer clothes a chance to let their kids look more fashionable and comfortable in their outfits. All the kids will get to know the fantastic fashion of Stella McCartney and her team.

Four new collections every year for Winter (November), Spring-Summer (February), High Summer (May) and Fall-Winter (August) are planned to being released every year. So the second season will be up for sale in February 2011 and this collection will be expanded in a wholesale retail distribution. In her first season (November 2010), the clothes will include organic cotton infant garments, floral dresses for little girls and even rubber rain boots, according to Vogue

Stella herself is a lifelong vegetarian which means that she’d never design with leather or fur. That’s why you can expect a pea coat, an ingrid dress and a quilted jacket for boys in her first season collection. The price range of the clothes will be from 19 € (26 $) for a teeny T-Shirt up to 150 € (210 $) for a coat, which in fact is affordable for a lot of people.

I can understand all the parents (especially mothers) who can’t wait to go out shopping or order some new clothes for their children in November with these announcements.

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Designer Kids Clothes Videos: The Flared Skirt

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

As part of our work we produce videos covering interesting things from the designer kids clothing market. If you want to get notified quickly, subscribe to our channel here.

The newest video is another part of the skirts video series. As most of you probably know, we have written an article on the skirts topic and started producing these videos as a sequel. Watch todays video about the Flared Skirt:


Enjoy and leave a feedback!

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Childrens Designer Clothes from the Fashion Week in NYC

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


During the last few years there was a rise in production of childrens designer clothes. It is a growing market. And this year’s New York Fashion week proved just that.

Since the first childrens clothes collection ever by Vogue Bambini, many famous brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Cavalli and Ralph Lauren launched their first kids collections. Obviously, this fashion niche is becoming more and more important for designers. Not just because they want infant boys and girls to look more fashionable, but also because they see the growing potential of the market.

There are already various kids fashion magazines. A few named examples are France’s Milk, Enfants Magazine and Germany’s Kidswear magazine. These magazines already talk wildly about childrens fashion and discuss topics which will be interesting for mothers who want their children to look just as stylish as themselves.

So September 10th and 11th 2010 was a very important occasion during New York’s famous Fashion Week. The first ever so called Petite Parade, a runway show for designer kids clothes, which took place in one of the greatest fashion cities of the world. The reason for this special debut is the growing childrens designer clothing market.

The co-founders of the Petite Parade event, Aleksander Stojanovic and Tiziana Indelicato, gave an important statement on the new  kids runway show: “This event gives children’s wear designers a valuable vehicle to establish a presence and reach an untapped audience.” Obviously, this proves how important this market for designers really is.

Spring 2011 childrens designer clothes trends are expected to include colorful clothes with really childish and outstanding patterns. The overall impression of the Petite Parade collections was described by the designers of the New York Fashion Show as follows: “Cream and gold palettes of pleated and balloon dresses, perfect for a visit full of style to the Botanical Garden and the insolent red, embroidered roses, jeans and taffeta skirts to shine in the Central Park sun.” What a detailed description of what the designer kids clothes in spring 2011 should project. Brands like Cavalli, Sonya Rykiel, Simonetta, Monnalisa and Miss Grant participated in the Petite Parade to show the world what the modern, fashionable children will be wearing in spring 2011.

So in my opinion, this looks like the most famous designers of the world took a lot of effort to create these collections. They must have paid a lot of attention to the new fashion niche of childrens designer clothes. Therefore, I’m sure that in 2011 is going to happen the most stylish spring for children and their proud parents.

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eDesigner Kids Clothes on YouTube

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

If you have been reading any of our blogs during the last week, you have probably realized that we started our own YouTube channel. Our first two videos are published, so please subscribe to our channel (click here).  This way we are able to make a visual approach to the fantastic world of designer kids clothes.

As a sequel to our infamous article on skirts, we have launched a video series on the very same topic. The first video is about the A-Line skirt. Watch here:

With Gucci announcing their very first designer kids clothing line, we absolutely had to cover the history of Gucci and give insights into their kids clothes. We have already published an article on Gucci designer kids clothes and this is the video sequel. Watch here:

Don’t forget to subscribe (click here)! And please leave a comment.

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The Skirt as an Important Piece of Infant Girl Clothes

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010


Every female, from infant girl to woman, should have a skirt in her wardrobe. Therefore, it is one of the most important topics to cover in the infant girl clothes market. Skirts can project any kind of fashion theme and any kind of look. They are comfortable for every woman/ girl (or even men i.e. the Scottish), they can have many different designs and can be worn in every kind of situation. For example, at a business meeting, for shopping, for a walk with the dog or any other situation. On a side note: Women in the medieval times have already worn skirts.

But the reason why girls are able to wear skirts in so many different situations throughout a lifetime is that there are so many different kinds of skirts with so many different colors and patterns. This huge variety of skirts can give your daughter any type of look, i.e. that of an eager student or even that of a cute ballerina.

Here is a list of the most important and most famous different types of skirts:


A-Line Skirts

This is the basic skirt that has gotten so many different designs. Throughout the many years it has been worn by a lot of different kind of women since it was first brought up in the Dior collection in spring in 1955. The name is given because of the slight ‘A’-shape – which means that this skirt is tight at the hips and widens downwards the legs.


Flared Skirts

Actually, flared skirts are a type of A-line skirt but the difference is special flares starting at the waistline. Women with all types of proportions can wear this skirt very well because of these flares around the waist.


Fit and Flare Skirts

This variation of the flare skirt lets the flares already start from the hips, not the waist. Girls with smaller backs usually prefer these skirts because it gives them better-looking hips and thigh curves.


Straight Skirts

Like the name says, these skirts are completely straight from the hips to the legs. Girls with almost any kinds of proportions can wear them, although the body shape is an important factor for the length and waistline of the skirt.


Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts especially fit thin and skinny women because they are really tight and tend to point out at the back and at the thighs. From the waist to just above the knees, they usually have a stretch material due to its tight frame tolet the girl wearing it move more freely.


Tube Skirts

The tube skirt can be described as an extension of the pencil skirt because it goes down below the knees but is just as tight as the pencil skirt. It is also worn best by rather skinny girls and women. This is probably one of the skirts that doesn’t fit girls very well and is mostly worn by women.


Mini Skirts

This is a very brave skirt to wear and probably shouldn’t be worn by too young girls as it is extremely short which means that most parts of the legs are visible. They can look very cute though in the summer, as long as they aren’t too short because then they are rather provocative.


Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts can be worn both by slim girls and girls who have rather big hips. This type of skirt ends just above the knees and it is tailored completely with vertical pleats which fit the waist. These pleats loosen up the skirt a bit by keeping it firm and fitting at the same time.


Asymmetric Hem Skirts

Asymmetric hem skirts have a big variety of shapes and patterns so that they suit all girls and women with all possible proportions. It looks like the hem of the skirt was tailored with a flaw but that is actually the sense of this type of skirt to give it the asymmetric look. This skirt is very popular amongst latin music dancers in contests.

Designer kids clothes already contain most of these skirts with huge variations by a lot of different designers. And skirts are just as suitable for girls as they are for women – this also counts for the designer kids clothing market.

This list discloses very well how many details there are to be found in skirts. Many types of skirts are tailored for different looks and different body forms. Therefore, every skirt should be picked in regard of the other designer kids clothes it is being combined with. Since skirts are so popular, every type of skirt can be found in the designer kids clothes section for infant girl clothes.

As a general piece of advice, it is important to find the right body measurements and the right clothing combination for each type of skirt to get the most out of it.

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Details on Designer Kids Clothes Markets

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Due to the financial crisis, a lot of luxury brands have developed a new market: designer kids clothes. They started launching new infant boy and girl clothing lines to get out of the fiscal hole that occurred within the last two years.

In the beginning, they only released a few shoes and some designs from the adult wear customized for children. Today, the designer fashion houses have brought it to another level by creating cool designer kids clothes individually. Introducing designer teams that only focus on this new section and try to answer children’s wishes with cool kids clothes. They can fully unfold themselves in this new part of the market and may be able to raise profits way more than in the adult designer clothes market as it is a complete new way to gain money. But there is also the risk that parents are not interested in designer kids clothes, as they are afraid their kids will mess up their expensive clothes and won’t appreciate their value.

Another point of view is that a lot of parents first try to cut down their own expenses before they have to wind down their kids luxury. As their kids are usually very important to them, they only want the best for them – design and quality wise. If they got enough money, kids can match their parents clothes with their own designer pieces. It is very convenient for parents to purchase designer kids clothes in the same shop while buying their own clothes. Designer brands try to accustom the children to designer kids clothes and keep them as trustworthy costumers for the future as they have explored the advantages of designer clothes in their young age.

In the end, it is up to the parents to decide whether or not kids should wear designer kids clothes. Even if the kids want it, not everyone can afford to buy it. If a designer addresses the designer kids clothing market he has to keep in mind that, in the end, the parents have to be interested in designer clothes and must be able to afford them.

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Gant Designer Kids Clothes for Fall/ Winter 2010

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

With Michael Bastian designing his very first collection for Gant this upcoming Fall/ Winter in 2010, he announced that he wants to implement a very special theme into his clothes: The sport Lacrosse. Is this going to be implemented into the Boys & Girls collection, as well?

Depending on whom you ask, you get very different descriptions of the “Lacrosse People”. But most agree that Lacrosse is a somewhat noble and at the same time rough sport. It’s not as physical as American Football and it’s not as posh as Polo. Lacrosse is for the gentlemen: Classy and manly.

Most people that live in Europe think of Lacrosse as a typical college sport. And this theme is exactly to be found in the Boys & Girls collection pictures of Gant. Kids with books in wooden rooms that look like high class college fraternity houses fit very well into the Lacrosse theme Michael Bastian has implemented this year.

It’s the details that reveal how consistent Gant is in his collections: A boy in front of his locker reading a big dusty book and another boy with long blond hair and a nice tidy shirt. Dusty big books make us think of college libraries and Lacrosse players are said to have long hair. Bottom line: The pictures showing the Boys & Girls collection completely immerse one’s mind into the world of college fraternities – the world of Lacrosse.

Many times Gant has got across the sailor look. What’s the difference now to this Lacrosse style? The difference is less stripes and bigger “blocks” of colors. There are many more details that bring across the Lacrosse look instead of the sailor look, but this is probably the most important factor. Additionally, the more sombre colors of grey, green and red remind us much more of a chalet in the winter than white and blue stripes of a sailor.

All in all, the Boys & Girls collection was very well implemented into Gant’s collection for the adults. This is a big plus since families can dress up each family member individually and yet have the same key theme when using the Gant’s collection. This is a very important factor: Designer kids clothes are bought by parents and most of the time they want their children to fit in and complete the family picture. Having the same theme in both collections, for the children and for the adults, makes Gant a great choice for this upcoming fall/ winter 2010 – if you like Lacrosse that is. But this isn’t about lacrosse, this is about fashion, and the Lacrosse theme absolutely conveys a very stylish and noble look.

The pictures can be checked out on the official Gant website (click here).

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Replicas vs. Original Designer Kids Clothes

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

There are a lot of people who sell and produce designer clothes replicas, which is also a problem in the kids clothing market. Especially on the internet people try to sell fake things and even want you to think that they sell original designer clothes for less money than the designers themselves.

The worst thing about the designer replicas is that their quality is usually really bad and it can harm your kid’s skin and health.

People who know about real designer clothes will see that your child is walking around in fake clothings and nobody respects replicas, that’s not a good reputation. It is even illegal to sell/ buy fake clothes. Additionally, the garment won’t survive any damage because the quality is by far not as good as the original designer clothes. So it is acceptable to say that replicated clothes are an absolute “no-go” in the fashion scene.

Another plus for the original designer kids clothes is that you support the fashion scene for kids when you buy them and they aren’t even that expensive. For example a nice burberry sweater costs only 40 dollars and your girl would look gorgeous in it if you mix it with a bit lighter jeans and some cute colorful wellies for example, especially in this upcoming fall/ winter season.

A very good way to buy cheaper designer kids clothes is buying them from authorized designer outlets. Most of the well-known designer brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc. have outlet stores with clothes from older collections. (If you want to know more about buying from authorized designer outlets read our article about Wholesales for designer kids clothes.)

When you buy them online you should buy designer kids clothings from a source with a good reputation or if you like to buy them on ebay you should ask for a receipt as proof.

Let me give you an example of the difference between a replica and an original designer kid’s shoe. The example relies on the brand Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is one of the brands that is being copied a lot and you can really see the difference between these two shoes:

First of all, the design of the replica shoe looks like a normal sneaker and the original shoe looks like a real designer shoe. But even more obvious are the different patterns on the shoes: The replica uses a somewhat similar monogram to the original one from Louis Vuitton which, of course, is to be found on the original shoe. If one had the chance to touch these shoes, the quality would probably be another obvious difference and unveil which shoe is a replica and which one is the original one.

This is just an example and it shows that the difference between replicas and originals are sometimes very subtle.

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