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Cool Kids Clothes – Autumn/ Winter Shoes 2010

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

For the upcoming autumn/ winter season 2010 your kids’ and babies’ feet really need to be covered in warm cool kids clothes and in trendy, comfortable designer boots.

The fashionable Ugg boots which were especially hyped in 2009 in the celebrity kids scene have for this years boots some new designs with fur which can be worn rolled up or rolled down. They fit with casual leggings or jeans and still look very trendy on girls feet.

There are some new adult-style ugg boots as well and others with colorful bottons for this winter season.

For a classic style, the Timberland boots look good on girls and boys. They are the perfect autumn/ winter shoe and always look fashionable. Like leather jackets, these shoes can be worn every year over and over again.

Trekker shoes are especially very trendy for boys again. They are really save and you can walk through dirt, over rocks and through fallen leaves on a sunday afternoon autumn walk. Boys tend to like them because of the “action-hero” look they convey.

Another trendy shoe which kids really like is the welly because they can jump into any puddle and their feet won’t get wet. Kids can just slip into them and they can look very fashionable on other designer kids clothes. For example when a girl wears them with a cute little skirt or a dress and a colorful umbrella.

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Gucci Childrens Designer Clothes 2011

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Gucci, one of the dominating fashion houses from Italy, recently announced to release their first childrens designer clothes collection aiming at kids from 0 to 8 years. The first Spring/ Summer collection 2011 will drop in November. Their designer kids clothes line uses classical designs mixed with a cool casual look and not only includes usual kids clothes as shoes or jackets, they are also trying to develop a new market whilst creating stylish accessories for kids, such as sunglasses, belts or jewelry.

The infant boy clothes line represents a cool, casual look in smooth leather jacket, nice, loose fitting jeans and the iconic gucci monogram loafers. A course was set with the little gucci details just like the belt in this picture or the classic gucci coloured stripes on the shirt.

The infant girl clothes line is not going for the usual girly image with bright colours and cheerful accessories. The outfit represents a cool city-look but made look chic. It consists of comfortable boots, washed jeans and a nice shirt with the picture of a handbag, maybe just like one that mommy owns. The trench coat makes the outfit look so lady-like in an utterly fashionable way.

As a lot of kids probably wouldn’t be as excited as their parents on a “Double G” logo, Gucci made a new logo for their childrens designer clothes: a golden teddy bear. Not only does it look very fashionable, kids also profit from their designer kids clothingas Gucci only uses the best materials and the items will last longer.

Last but not least, not only does Gucci make wealthy kids look good, Gucci also donated 1 Million Dollar to Unicef.

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Importance of Quality and Design of Designer Kids Clothings

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Designer kids clothings are more solid than the cheaper clothes, especially when kids (boys) play in the dirt or get food on them. They resist more damage and they withstand stains better. So the good quality is another important factor about designer kids clothes, not just the design.

When it comes to the design, infant boys tend to prefer sport star, surfer and skater outfits and the girls are rather taken with colorful clothes with cute animal pictures or comic art on them.

Important about childrens designer clothes is that the designers use different measurements on their clothes and the kids don’t always have the same sizes even though they have the same age. This is especially crucial when you want to order clothes on the internet where you can’t try them on.

There will be new cool kids clothes collections of a lot of designers, for example Gucci which is starting their kids collection with a golden teddy bear logo, because kids can’t really relate to the usual monogram sample. There will be two designer kids clothing collections, one for the 0-2 year olds and one for the 2-8 year olds. Not only clothes but also different accessories like sunglasses are included.

If you’re looking for a bit more casual collections with lots of different colorful clothes, there is a Miss America’s new apparel line for kids.

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Designer Kids Clothes – Designer brands target the kids clothing market

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Designer kids clothes have been neglected so far. Gucci has presented their first collection for kids this year, followed by Burberry, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana. 

Not just are now collections available for kids, the designers are also selling their kids clothes on the internet. For example can we find Chloé and Stella McCartney for Gapkids online as well. 

Designer kids clothes are cheaper to manufacture since less clothing is needed to fabric a garment for an infant boy or girl. Not only does it make the kids clothing market more profitable for designers and brands, it also enables parents to attain a more luxurious lifestyle for less money. 

It is a very exciting clothing market that we will unveil for you and your children.

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