Kids Winter 2012 Accessories Guide

September 28th, 2012

Active, adventure-loving kids want to look good as well as keeping comfortable and parents can make sure their adventurous offspring wrap up warm while keeping their cool this winter thanks to the vast range of fun, funky and winter accessories on the market this year.

Whether they are heading off for some serious skiing or snowboarding action on the pistes of Europe or just tobogganing down the nearest hill, the kids can let their wild side run free while dressed in a hip range of hoodies, beanies, gloves, scarves and jackets that protect against the harsh elements while keeping your kids` reputations as stylish, sporty young things perfectly intact.

Brands such as Billabong, Quiksilver and Animal are best known for their hip, fresh approach to surf wear, but these and other surfwear labels are still favourites with stylish, sporty kids even when the weather is more about wrapping up against the cold than chilling on the beach. Even the simple beanie hat gets a cool makeover with Animal`s winter accessories range – kids can be cool and cosy at the same time in wool knit beanies with the distinctive Animal logo. There are bobble beanies in contrasting colours and beanies with chin straps to make sure they don`t fall off, even if the wearer takes a tumble off a sledge or snowboard.

Surf brand gloves will keep kids` hands warm and cosy without losing them any vital `cool` points either in the playground or on the slopes, while this year there are some cool hats to choose from – for example, Animal`s range of boys `Aviator` hats with ear flaps are fun to wear, in bright colours and mock-animal fur, while the girls` range, with its emphasis on hot pinks and cool blues, is fresh and feminine but also cool and sassy. The ear muffs and Tibetan-style hat with ear flaps are huge hits with funky young girls everywhere, while the range of cute backpacks is the ideal place for storing extra layers when not being worn.

Both boys and girls can look good throughout the winter months with surf wear brands` range of comfy, laid-back hoodies, whose distinctive design and prominent branding are popular with sporty kids of both genders. For extra cosy heat, many brands have this year developed a range of hoodies with fake fur lining and can be teamed with summer tees to take the wardrobe from warmer weather right up to the depths of winter.

Surf wear clothing and accessories appeal to the type of sassy, street savvy youngster that isn`t afraid of a bit of rough and tumble and the girls and boys that make a beeline for this funky clothing range know that looking good is nothing if the clothes won`t allow you to get stuck into some serious adventure sports. For this reason, Animal surf clothing and winter accessories are built to withstand active wear and tear and can take on whatever the weather throws at them. Come rain, snow, sleet or shine, one thing`s for sure – your kids will be happy as long as they are dressed for the weather and looking good.

Kids Autumn – Winter 2012 Style Guide

September 24th, 2012

Kids are becoming more fashion-minded with each generation. Teens and tweens alike want to choose their own clothing. They also track what celebrities are wearing and expect their winter wardrobes to match the latest trends. Keeping track of the themes of clothing for kids will help you pick fall and winter outfits that will delight your children. Look for pieces that fit into at least one of the categories below. Items that fall into two or more categories will be guaranteed winners with your kids during the cooler seasons of 2012.


Both boys and girls will need brightly colored separates to stand out from the crowd at school. Girls will look great in colored denim. Skinny jeans are still in for this fall, but they are showing up in shades of bright green and purple rather than the dark wash of the last few years. Denim skirts are also seeing a return to exciting colors. Space-dyeing, a more exciting version of tie-dyeing, will also be seen on all of the most fashionable kids this winter. Boys can look great by picking t-shirts and rugby shirts in bright and solid colors.

Classic Shirts

While adults are seeing a return to military styles for the fall and winter, kids are choosing collegiate classics. Boys will be seen in rugby and polo shirts of all configurations. You can pair a short-sleeved shirt with a basic henley for a layered look, or go for the long-sleeved variation for warmth and style. Cargo pants are being replaced with cadet pants, which are more fitted and free from large side pockets. Girls can stay warm without ruining their stylishness by picking a modern cardigan. This year`s cardigans feature sparkling details like embroidery or a light
touch of sequins.

Staying Cozy

Bulky winter jackets are being skipped by teens who want to look cool while staying warm. Hoodies, especially those with bright graphic prints, are at the height of fashion once again. Fitted designs with eye-catching details are more popular than the shapeless and baggy hoodies favored by some retailers. The best hoodies for this winter will feature a thick insulating layer of fleece to keep your kids warm on chilly days.

A Touch Of The West

Both kids and adults are seeing an influx of Southwestern style for this fall and winter. Kids can embrace this trend by picking shirts with a cowboy flair. Look for Western button-up shirts for boys, but avoid oversized flannel. Girls can pick boots or vests with a touch of beading and tassels to bring the Old West to their school. You can find plenty of great options from retailers like James Jeans and other kids` clothing manufacturers.

Star Signs In Designer Kids Clothes

April 15th, 2012

Designer kids clothes have a lot to do with individuality and personality. It’s not just that high quality clothes are nice to wear, they also express status and a certain lifestyle.

But there’s more your kids can express! For example, have you ever considered using your child’s star sign on t-shirts or jewelry? Star signs appear mystical and they can be really nice accessories, especially for little girls.

You can use it to educate your child on his or her star symbol, at the same time! A great website about star signs is

Do you think this is a great idea? Leave your comment below!

Click on the images below to see these cute star sign artworks and pillows for your kids:

Designer Kids Clothes Online

March 17th, 2012

Are you a fashionable parent? Do you love to see your kids dressed well? And do you always get complemented on your kids outfits? Then you should definitely share your fashion knowledge with many other parents!

There are many ways you can be of help, of course. Either in your community by helping friends – or turning it into a business. But let’s make sure we don’t get ahead too fast here because this is actually still about a passion. One of the most exciting things to do is help others for free – at first. For example, you could just let your community (your town, neighborehood, office etc.) know that you are a fashion adviser for kids! Then of course, once you have helped several parents and their kids become more fashionable and trendy, you can start charging money for it.

Or you could collect testimonials and start a fashion blog. Creating a website is really fast and easy nowadays – and if necessary you can always get a quick test professional expert. But usually, you can just sign up with any of the major free blogging websites (wordpress, blogspot, posterous) and then just start writing! Write about your fashion ideas, share pictures of your kids, tell others of exciting fashion stories where you helped a parent and their kids look gorgeous for a certain event. If your passion shines through, your readers will love it.

Another Great Idea:

Experiment with designer kids clothes outfits – and share your fashion ideas! Go to a kids clothing shop like Boden or Childrensalon and make up your own outfits.



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2 Beautiful Spring Dresses For Trendy Ladies

March 12th, 2012

Here are 2 beautiful spring dresses for trendy ladies. The colors are both refreshing, yet calm. Can you imagine the wind playing with such a nice dress while you are strolling out in the sun? Spring is a truly beautiful time of the year…






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Free Gift at BodenUSA – Designer Kids Clothes

March 2nd, 2012

If you haven’t looked at the BodenUSA online shop, yet, then today is the best day to do so.

Not only offers BodenUSA a variety of super nice designer kids clothes, they also have a Free Gift Special Offer this month!

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You May Get These Designer Kids Clothes For Free!

February 6th, 2012

Boden USA has an extremely nice offer for this week.

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Cheap Jeans Dresses – Out Of Order Soon!

January 4th, 2012

Jeans dresses seem to be very popular at the moment! So I have set out and looked at what is on the market at the moment. And I believe this is going to be some kind of secret niche in spring and summer of 2012. I think that because I really have not found that many quality jeans dresses!

Well, a reason might be because it’s not yet spring time. But all the designers would have presented them in their collections and at least a preview would have been available. But not even that!

But don’t stress, I still have found three jeans dresses that are worth to be checked out. And what’s even better, they’re not even that expensive! Two of them I would even consider very cheap.

Unfortunately, there are not many in stock anymore. So check them out now and if you like it order one! You should be able to return them if it’s not what you expected, anyways.

Jeans Dress

Denim Jeans Dress - $ 14

Jeans Dress Girls Calvin Klein

Jeans Dress from Calvin Klein - $ 71.98

Jeans Dress

Girls Tank Jeans Dress - $ 12.90

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Gant Designer Kids Clothes

December 15th, 2011

Did you know that Gant invented the famous button down shirts? They’re also a popular item of the Gant designer kids clothes today.

Nowadays, Gant is an outstanding global business. We want to take a quick look at the history of the business and how Gant became what it is today.

When talking about the great Gant history, we’re talking about an American dream.

Where it all began:

Bernard Gant, an immigrant from the Ukraine, came to New York in 1914 to work in the famous garment district, to follow his great passion, the fashion.

Over the next few years, Gant was about to become one of America’s most famous brands.

Gant today:

Gant is offering a wide range of high quality clothes, not just for men and women, but also for boys, girls and babies.

They also broadened their fields onto footwear, underwear and home products.

What humbly began to be a small family business, was now to become a global player in fashion.

The influence of America’s east coast college style is very important in Gant’s inspiration.

After Gant was taken over by a Swedish company, by this time it is owned by the Swiss trust Maus Frère.

Great Selection of GANT Kids Clothes:

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Gant Kids Clothes Winter 2011

November 30th, 2011

You know how people say it’s best if you decide on something and then stick to it? In the designer kids clothes market, Gant is like that to me. I can always count on good quality and know what type of style I will find in Gant clothes.

That doesn’t mean that Gant is always selling the same clothes. As a matter of fact, they always bring out a couple items of clothing that will stand out. Gant stays true to its overall fashion design and it has never become boring.

However, finding Gant kids clothes on the internet is not very easy. Hence I have put together some examples of Gant kids clothes for winter 2011 from a great online shop that you can access below.

==> Click this link to see Gant kids clothes for winter 2011

Gant Grey Cotton Jersey Knitted Blazer with Branded Crest

$90. 54 - Click on Image

Gant Girls Cotton Rugby Dress with Crest

$78.06 - Click on Image

Gant Girls Red Padded Fleece Mittens

$15.61 - Click on Image

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Gant Girls Red Branded Fleece Baby Scarf (3-9 Mth)

$15.61 - Click on Image

Gant Girls Dark Blue Puffer Jacket

$109.28 - Click on Image

Gant Girls Grey Fair Isle Cotton Wool Cardigan

$62.44 - Click on Image

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Gant Boys Dark Blue Cotton Jumper

$67.13 - Click on Image

Gant Boys Dark Blue Padded Fleece Mittens with Cotton Lining

$15.61 - Click on Image

Gant Boys Grey Lambswool Scarf Winter 2011

$31.22 - Click on Image

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